A ‘Hen Party’ from Brussels – from De Wallen artists’ book by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

Hen Party Amsterdam Copyright 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

They wouldn’t let me take a photo unless I paid €10. After I took this photo the girl in the middle put her greasy hand on my lens. The lens was ruined until I could clean it. I told them I wasn’t going to pay any money, but I offered to install one of my photo stickers on the bride-elect which was dressed as a nun.
w 'Pole Dancer Ross County' Copyright 2012 Daniel D. Teoli Jr JPEG fr

They told me it would cost €5 to put a sticker on her. I told them to forget it. They said OK, put the sticker on her stomach, which I did. After I stuck Pole Dancer of Ross County Ohio on her they marched off cheering!

BTW…Pole Dancer is not staged. I did ask for her to stay still for a second while I took a shot as I walked by, so it is posed. But everything is exactly as shown.

I have to mention this as the majority of photographers I poll think I staged the Pole Dancer…as well as Hakenkreuz in a Dress, Bert’s Devotee, Order Women Like Pizza and a few others.

No greater insult for a documentary photographer than to say he staged a photo that is not staged. But that is how many of the newschooler camera fondling forum photographers seem to think nowadays.

De Wallen Graffiti copyright 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.