Captain of Wall Street 90014

Captain of Wall Street 90014 Copyright 1974 Daniel D. Teoli Jr. mr

Captain of Wall Street 90014– Los Angeles 1974

by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

I met the ‘Captain’ on Wall Street in downtown L.A. 40 years ago. We talked for a while and I asked if I could photograph him in his room. He agreed, so we went up to his cold water flat and I took a few shots of him. Nowadays people are pretty paranoid and won’t go for that type of thing…but I still ask sometimes.

He was an interesting guy. He was an old merchant marine. He had been all around the world, and even had a shrunken head hanging in his window. The only light was the window and one bare bulb on the ceiling. His walls were hand-painted with a green jungle scene. Can you imagine trying to get a shrunken head past customs nowadays?

Shot with a Hasselblad SWC.