Is it ethical to photograph women in swimsuits in public?

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Over at the Rangefinder Forum someone posed the question…‘Is it ethical to photograph women in swimsuits in public?”

The controlling bastard that runs Rangefinder Forum banned me, so let me answer that question here.

The online dictionary tells us that ethics are connected to morals and are concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character.

I tell anyone that is unsure…don’t do it if you have to fret over it being right or wrong.


I have a very simple formula…if it is legal and I like it, I shoot it.

If your on the fence and can’t decide for yourself let me direct you to my long answer when a similar question came up about shooting homeless people.

I will tell you this –  being wishy-washy, not being able to decide or hesitant about pushing the button cause you have a long list of rules running through your head is not a good trait if you aspire to be a documentary or a street photographer. I’d recommend you take up flower, animal or astrophotography instead.

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