If I listened to the critics…I’d get nowhere.

The Kiss Copyright 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr. mr

The Kiss by Daniel D. Teoli Jr. 2014

You hear all sort of things on the photo forums…

“Only commercial printed books count, your self-published books don’t count.” *
“It does not count if you solicit a museum to acquire your work. It only counts if a museum solicits you for your work.” *
“It only counts if a museum buys your work, donating photographs does not count.”
“Shots from the hip don’t count.”
“Unframed, overhead shots don’t count.”
“Fast, lucky shots don’t count.”
“Favorable mistakes don’t count.”

* Shortened and paraphrased comments.

The Kiss was a fast, unframed, lucky, overhead shot. If I listened to the critics…I’d get nowhere.

Here is another fast, unframed, lucky, overhead shot…by Cartier-Bresson

Always remember, there is no photo guru that runs things. There is no head ‘photo accountant’ that deems ‘what counts’ and what does not count. It is up to you to determine when to press the button and no one else.

“Never give up, don’t listen to the haters. Don’t try to be an artist unless you can work and live in isolation, without any thanks. Bleak advice, but needed until you get to the much lauded place.“  ~ Scape Martinez

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De Wallen Graffiti copyright 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.