LinkedIn is the latest site to ban me…

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From my earliest beginnings in photography to current times I’ve been censored. One thing the camera fondlers have to understand is that photography forums are not run for love of photography…they are run for love of $

LinkedIn was the latest site to ban me. I was on LinkedIn since (+/-) 2013. In an instant, 2400+ contacts gone, plus many years of work.

Now this is all I get…

Profile Not Found
An exact match for daniel-d-teoli-jr-05b83271 could not be found.
The LinkedIn profile you’re looking for isn’t public or doesn’t exist.

If you have put a lot of your work online, it is always a good idea to archive it elsewhere.  I was on Flickr about 10 days, then they deleted my account. I had lost close to 200 photos there. I spent a year uploading tons of photos to Wiki Commons. Then, one day they decided to delete the entire collection I had donated to them – over a year of work gone down the drain.

Time and time again my experience at loss reminds me how impermanent the internet can be. Years or even decades of work can be wiped out in a proverbial instant.

As a side note to this topic

When I was making a new blog, this blog’s theme got screwed up when I hit the wrong button.  I can’t seem to change it back to the old theme, as that theme is retired.

Here is a partial list of sites that have banned me or blocked my posts…

Model Mahem
Rangefinder Forum
AV Forums
Luminous Landscape Forum
Pentax Forum
Wiki Commons
M43 Forum
Peta Pixel
Digital Photography Review
The Photoforum
Fuji Forum (original)
Fuji Forum (new)
Fuji Rumors
Eric Kim Blog
Photography on the Net Forum
PopPhoto Forum
Photo Camel Forum
Cinematography Forum
Large Format Forum
B & H Blog
Real Photographer Forum
Leica Forum Forum
Amateur Photographer Forum
Open College of the Arts Blog

Why did the forums / blogs want to silence me?

It was not for arguing or trying to sell spam. I got banned simply for posting the exact same articles I do in my blog here.

Can you point to another photo blog that even vaguely discusses the topics I do? Yet, these small minded sites do not feel it is important that you get the full picture.


De Wallen Graffiti 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.