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Irish Bagpiper Copyright 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr. mr

From my earliest beginnings in photography to current times I’ve been censored. One thing the camera fondlers have to understand is that photography forums are not run for love of photography…they are run for love of $

Here is a partial list of sites that have banned me, blocked my posts or told me to stop posting.

Model Mahem
Rangefinder Forum
AV Forums
Luminous Landscape Forum
Pentax Forum
Wiki Commons
M43 Forum
A.D. Coleman Blog
Peta Pixel
Digital Photography Review
The Photoforum
Fuji Forum (original)
Fuji Forum (new)
Fuji Rumors
Eric Kim Blog
Photography on the Net Forum
PopPhoto Forum
Photo Camel Forum
Cinematography Forum
Large Format Forum
B & H Blog
Real Photographer Forum
Leica Forum
Photo.net Forum
Amateur Photographer Forum
Open College of the Arts Blog

Why did the forums / photo sites / blogs want to silence me?

For posting the exact same things I do in my blog here. They are run by small minded thinkers that are more concerned with their prejudices than a serious discussion of photography.

Can you point to another photo blog that discusses the topics I do? Yet, these forums / photo sites / blogs do not feel it is important that you get the full picture.

Other discussion forums like the A.D. Coleman blog are run for love of ego and money is not so much the issue. You would think Coleman would be interested in the photogs view, but alas Coleman paradoxically does not seem to like critique offered my non-intellectuals extended to his field.

Coleman complains about censorship of his work when it applies to him, but deals out extensive censorship when someone challenges his view.  He can’t seem to wrap his head around why photogs don’t have much respect for photo critics that are not photogs. Apparently his ego can’t take honest feedback. The intellectual non-photographer’s  pride is based in ego…they are the one’s that ‘know everything and can do nothing’…at least when it comes to photography.

I am not going to feed you a lot of bullshit in my posts. I’ve got nothing to sell you, no agenda to push. I’m not trying to get you to buy my book or come to my seminar that I don’t really know much about anyway. I’m not pretending to be a ‘rumor mill’ that is secretly funded by the camera companies. You don’t have to PayPal me $5 to support my family.

It is important to be able to speak the truth without having financial ties to the topic. For instance, Eric Kim pushing the ‘Henri’ strap. How could I tell you that such a strap is a disservice to your street / doc work in one breath, then with the next breath try to sell you one?

What I will give you here is the truth, the best I can discern it to be. As long as I have an outlet for speaking my mind…you will get my viewpoint. Always remember – there is no shame in the search for truth, the only shame is in the stifling of the discussion.

*edit update  2.12.16

De Wallen Graffiti copyright 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.