Photogs are a pretentious bunch…aren’t they.

I read a photogs artist statement. He had a nice shot and the rest were nothing special. Some photogs seem to go out of there way to explain why their crap is so great. Photogs are a pretentious bunch…aren’t they.

“Multifaceted, omnivorous, prone to hybridization and experimentation, (xxxx) manages to combine as few contemporary artists glam classicism and aesthetics , precision and rebellion , awareness of the rules but repudiation of the agreements, while still maintaining a strong and poetic defined in its production.

The art world for (xxxx) looks like a great palace with a hundred thousand doors and windows, each overlooking a completely reinvented, unconventional, sometimes seemingly hostile, but that seduces with a ritual graph permeated by passion and fascination for gothic for the most extreme feelings of beauty and pathos , love and death, the soul leaps into the unknown.

His photographic work performed with the patient and meticulous precision of a miniaturist or even a master goldsmith, as are the alphabet of a secret language, a mystic who dares to desecrate, in his darkest and extreme beauty, the mystery and the sacred.  A set of suggestions and stimuli that meet, collide and merge into a balance that reveals and charm; a poetic image that seduces and excites and makes his Fine Art Photography something truly unique and fascinating.”

De Wallen Graffiti copyright 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.