Being a choosy photographer


Weegee Infrared Flash Reenactment Pop Mech April 1956

When your learning and growing OK, shoot as much as you can. But if you want to move on to bigger things, be careful what you point your cam at. You may not have time for serious work and all the piddly stuff that can eat up your time. Even if you do manage to pull it off, your best work may suffer since your time and energy is being diluted with lots of distractions.

For my own work, I just shoot for my projects and very little else. When I say projects, they are artists’ books and portfolio / museum placements. I can’t afford to shoot photos that will go nowhere, there has to be a bigger purpose for me to press the button as I don’t have the luxury of time to waste.

If you find yourself drowning in lots of junk photos that clutter up your life, cut back and be very choosy how you spend yourself if you want to get ahead.

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De Wallen Graffiti copyright 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.