Hand-printed artists’ books open up a new area for photographers to showcase their work.

Taken in part from my forthcoming artist’s book:

Presenting Photography to Curators and Museums

Hand-printed artists’ books open up a new area for photogs that wish to place their work.

Selection from 'Bikers' Mardi Gras' artists' book by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

Selection from 'Bikers' Mardi Gras' artists' book by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

1 Cover De Wallen artists' book Copyright 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr. mr DSC01834 V3 mr

The business of art museums is to display art, so art museums generally only collect larger sized, individual photographs. I found out early in my career that most rare book and special collection libraries are not interested in collecting large size loose prints.  But, the rare book libraries will collect the same loose prints they rejected if I shrink the prints, spiral bound them and called it a book. That was how I got into book arts.

(About 10% of the libraries that collect my book art also accepted loose prints into their collection.)

I’ve tested various binding methods for my artist’s books and I settled on spiral binding. For hardcover books I go with side stitched binding. A bonus to spiral binding photographs in book form is that they can be unbound at any time and the individual pages, which are original photographs, can be displayed in an exhibit. Once the exhibit is done, the pages can be rebound in a few minutes and the photographs are returned to its original book form.

While I use inkjet printing for all my books, I originally used silver gelatin prints from my first artist’s book back in the 1970’s. When using wet prints the paper is dry mounted back to back to make a page. It is a lot more time intensive. I could never produce the amount of books I do now if I used wet prints.  Although, if your making a low number book edition, maybe silver, palladium or platinum prints will be an option for you.

Here is an early pocket portfolio I made a few years ago.


I used single sided fiber luster paper as it holds up nicely in the small pocket books. If you don’t care about printing on the back or having the back of the page match the front, you can use single sided paper for books. Although in theory, double sided paper should be more stable when it comes to warping than single sided paper – but that is not always the case.

If your interested in this subject I will go much deeper into book arts and artists’ book printing in my book Presenting Photography to Curators and Museums.

Matte paper will always need an archival plastic interleaf or you will get shinning and scuffing on the blacks. Gloss / Semi-Gloss / Luster paper holds up pretty good with no interleaf.

I have used pretty much all DUO paper out there. Sample can be seen in my artists’ book the Encyclopedia of Photographic and Fine Art Ink Jet Printing Media. Some papers are better than others. While most DUO papers do a decent job with the image, they all do not do a good job in making a flat book.

A big problem for book printers is getting flat paper – I mean perfectly flat. If you use even slightly curled paper the books become warped. The closer the paper is to the center of the roll it is produced on, the more curl it develops. Unfortunately one cannot predict what part of the roll the paper comes from when we buy a box…or 50 boxes.

I’ve ended up with thousands of dollars of useless paper.  The plastic covers and interleaf also suffers from curling as well as defect issues. Once the box of paper is opened it is generally not returnable. If you are able to return the curled paper for a refund, the dealer generally wont sell you more if you keep returning order after order. But all is not lost, the reject paper can be used for maquettes, galley proofs and work prints. The plastic on the other hand has little use and ends up as lost money and is generally trashed.

Here are the chapter listings from the Encyclopedia of Photographic and Fine Art Ink Jet Printing Media that gives you some options for DUO papers to test for you book project.


Volume 5 – Chapter 1

DUO RC Gloss

Promaster Photo Image Album Duo Glossy

Red River Paper Pecos River Gloss Duo 86 lb.

Staples Gloss Duo 8 mil Germany


Volume 5 – Chapter 2

DUO RC Semi-Gloss

Inkpress Duo Semi-Gloss 180 gsm

Inkpress Duo Semi-Gloss 210 gsm

Moab Lasal Semi-Gloss Duo 330 gsm

Premier Photo Semi-Gloss Duo 12 mil

Red River Paper Zeppelin Semi-Gloss Duo 45 lb


Volume 5 – Chapter 3

DUO RC Luster

Ilford Galerie Smooth Luster Duo 280 gsm

Inkjetart Micro Ceramic Hi-Luster Duo – No weight listed

Inkpress Lustre Duo 9.5 mil 280 gsm

Mitsubishi Imaging Pictorico Duo Luster

Red River Paper Arctic Polar Luster Duo 50 lb


Volume 5 – Chapter 4

DUO RC Matte

Brilliant Supreme Matte Duo 230 gsm Germany

Epson Premium Presentation Paper Duo Matte **** 48 lb Japan

Inkpress Duo Matte 30 – 5 mil

Inkpress Duo Matte 44 – 9 mil

Inkpress Duo Matte 80 – 12 mil

Moab Lasal Photo Matte Duo 230 gsm

Red River Paper Premium Matte Duo 32 lb

Red River Paper Premium Matte Duo 50 lb

Red River Paper Polar Matte Duo 60 lb

Staples Matte Duo 8 mil Germany

Staples Photo Supreme Duo Matte 11 mil Germany


Volume 5 – Chapter 5

DUO Fine Art Matte

Arista II Fine Art Matte Bright White Duo 210 gsm

Arista II Fine Art Matte Natural White Duo 210 gsm

Canson Rag Photographique Duo 220 gsm

Hahnemühle Fine Art Photo Rag Book & Album 220 gsm

Hahnemühle Photo Rag Duo Matte 276 gsm

Innova Smooth Cotton High White Duo 215 gsm

Premier Art Fine Art Smooth Matte Duo 325 gsm

Promaster Natural Watercolor Duo 190 gsm


Volume 5 – Chapter 6

DUO Fiber Matte

Arista II Fiber Duo Matte 215 gsm

Arista II Fiber Duo Bright White Heavy Weight Matte 330 gsm

Arista II Fiber Duo Natural White Heavy Weight Matte 330 gsm

Hahnemühle Photo Matte Fibre Duo 210 gsm

Harman by Hahnemühle Matte Fibre Duo 210 gsm

If you wish to view actual sample prints made with these papers, the 12 volume set of the Encyclopedia can be viewed at the Center for Creative Photography Research Library, AZ, the Rijksmuseum Research Library, Netherlands and Ohio State University Rare Books and Manuscripts Library.


Limited Edition Artist’s Books by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.


A Family Portrait – 1971

Engaging the Enemy Frigate – 2011

Anecdote – 2011

Imitation of Life – 2011

Pocket Art (Series 1 to 3) – 2012

Dye Transfer Printing from the 1950’s – 2012

Dye Stability Testing of Color Imaging Media – 2012

Peephole: Peering Into the World of 1970’s Hollywood and L.A. – 2013

Portfolio: Peering Into the World of 1970’s Hollywood and L.A. – 2013

Pocket Art (Series 4 to 7) – 2013

Twenty-Six Roadkills – 2013

Cutters: There is nothing I hate more than myself. – 2014

Encyclopedia of Photographic & Fine Art Ink Jet-
Printing Media – 12 Volume Set – 2014 (f)

De Wallen: Amsterdam’s Red Light District – 2015

Bikers’ Mardi Gras – 2015

Gender Benders from the 1970’s – 2015

Tonality – 2015

Skinned Alive – 2016

The End of an Era – 2016

Temple of Dreams – 2016

Meet on the Street…Shoot at the Home – 2016

Her Last Day Alive – 2016 (b)

A Day in the Life of a Drag Queen – 2016 (b)

Gone! Up in Smoke – 2017 (b)

Piercing Darkness  – 2017 (a) (d)

The Americans…60 years after Frank – 2017 (a) (d)

Dye Stability Testing of Color Imaging Media: Edition 2 – 2017 (b)

Whoop-Whoop – 2018 (b)

Gay Bar – 2018 (b)

Women are Beautiful: Beyond Snapshot Aesthetics  – 2018 (d)

180 – The Circular Fisheye at Large – 2018 (b)

Big Mouth – 2018 (d)

Charmed – 2018 (d)

Moo! – Forthcoming (e)

Girls of the Beat Generation: The Mix – Forthcoming (c)

Girls of the Beat Generation: The Bodies – Forthcoming (c)

Raw: Girls of the Beat Generation – Forthcoming (c)

Girls of the Beat Generation: Hairstyles from the 1940’s-1960’s – Forthcoming (c)

The Rainbow Girls of the Beat Generation – Forthcoming (e)

Girls of the Beat Generation: Outtakes – Forthcoming (c)

Girls of the Beat Generation: 6 Volume Master Set  – Forthcoming (c)

Presenting Photography to Curators and Museums – Forthcoming (c)

Eight Millimeter – Forthcoming (e)

Yum! – Forthcoming (e)

A Shadow in Time – Forthcoming (c)

A Hidden World – Forthcoming (c)

Secrets of Candid Photography – Forthcoming (c)

Eiffel Found  – Forthcoming (c)

Freezing Time: Vernacular Snapshot Aesthetics – Forthcoming (c)

Freezing Time: Vernacular Snapshot Aesthetics II – Forthcoming (c)

In Their Day – Forthcoming (c)

Double Take – Forthcoming (e)

Wide Open – Forthcoming (e)

The Ghost of Christmas Past – Forthcoming (c)

Pigskin Chronicles – Forthcoming (c)

Frosty – Forthcoming (c)

The Kennedy Files – Forthcoming (c)

All You Need is Love – Forthcoming (c)

Nursing Home Confidential – Forthcoming (c)

Majorette – Forthcoming (c)

The Dinosaur Hunters – Forthcoming (e)

Balling the Jack – Forthcoming (c)

Gimme the Finger – Forthcoming (c)

Painted Ladies  – Forthcoming (c)

The Great Tit – Forthcoming (e)

Artifices of Convention – Forthcoming (c)

All about Dick! – Forthcoming (c)

Shooting Blind  – Forthcoming (c)

Beatnik Lovefest – Forthcoming (c)

Going Postal – Forthcoming (c)

Plain Brown Paper Wrapper Girls: Bohemian Models from 1940’s-1960’s – Forthcoming (c)

The Animal Lovers  – Forthcoming (c)

Magnifying Lens Photography – Forthcoming (e)

Take it Like a Man – Forthcoming (e)

Iconoclastic Reporter – Forthcoming (c)

Iconoclastic Reporter 2 – Forthcoming (e)

The Flappers: The Mix – Forthcoming (c)

The Flappers: Raw! – Forthcoming (c)

The Rainbow Flappers – Forthcoming (c)

Flappers: Reflections – Forthcoming (e)

The Flappers: Hairstyles from the 1915 – 1935 – Forthcoming (e)

The Flappers: Outtakes – Forthcoming (e)

 The Flappers: 6 Volume Master Set  – Forthcoming (e)

Nightwatch – Forthcoming (e)

The Pre-Beat Bohemians: Girls from the 1930’s & 1940’s – Forthcoming (e)

Bathing Beauties – Forthcoming (c)

So…You Think You Got Troubles? – Forthcoming (e)

Mirror Image  – Forthcoming (c)

The Bohemians – Forthcoming (e)

Hyper-Real HDR Street Photography – Forthcoming (e)

Blow Man Blow! Forthcoming (c)

Whoop-Te-Doo – Forthcoming (c)

Going Native! – Forthcoming (e)

Adorable – Forthcoming (e)

Hungry for Love –  Forthcoming (e)

Before Photoshop (Abridged) – Forthcoming (c)

Before Photoshop (Unabridged)- Forthcoming (c)

Pitch Black Crapshoot – Forthcoming (e)

Trucker Fags in Denial: A Closer Look – Forthcoming (e)

Harem – Forthcoming (c)

Vegas Undercover – Forthcoming (c)

Bikers’ Mardi Gras: Revisited – Forthcoming (e)

Pucker Up! – Forthcoming (e)

Rear View  Forthcoming (e)

The Broken Leg Variations – Forthcoming (e)

The Honeymooners – Forthcoming (e)

A Shot in the Dark – Forthcoming (e)

Blinded by the Light – Forthcoming (e)

The Lovers – Forthcoming (c)

America…in T shirts – Forthcoming (c)

Nosing Around – Forthcoming (e)

Strangers in Paradise – Forthcoming (e)

What is Spontaneous Bop Prose… – In Development

Thirty-six views of Bison – In Development

With Due Respect Beloved One – In Development


(a) Under consideration for a 2016 Guggenheim Fellowship.  Edit 4.7.16 – Notified of Fellowship rejection from Guggenheim Foundation.

(b) Principal photography complete – pro forma book printing schedule.

(c) Principal photography complete – pending book printing, no date scheduled.

(d) Photography in progress – pro forma project completion date.

(e) Photography in progress – ongoing, no completion date set.

(f) World record for largest set of hand-printed artist’s  books ever produced.

De Wallen Graffiti 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.