I read on the photo forums about the likes and dislikes that some of the camera fondlers run though their heads while shooting. No wonder they seldom come up with anything iconic – they are overthinkers.

If you want to be a good documentary photog…learn to divorce your prejudices from your work. Press the button more – think less. There will be plenty of time later to run your pet prejudices through your head and delete.

The camera has no set prejudices as long as the image is within its capabilities. So it should be with you…if you call yourself a documentary photog.

YesYesYes…photography is like that and there’s no maybes. All the maybes go to the trash. There is a tremendous enjoyment in saying yes, even if it is for something you hate. It is an affirmation…Yes!” ~ Cartier-Bresson

De Wallen Graffiti 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.