Selective color…going against the (snobbery) grain.

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Photogs are a pretentious bunch. Hatred for HDR, circular fisheyes, selective color, cliché’s, blah, blah, blah. It is a common thread among the camera fondling photo forum crowd. I guess it helps boost their self-esteem by making them feel how superior they are to everyone else.

Personally, I always like to take what they hate and make something great of it. Nothing better I like than to put a photo from a well hated genre the photo snobs despise into museums and curated collections.

By the time the photo forum snobs run all their pet prejudices through their head, the photo op is gone. The prejudiced, camera fondlers put more time in mental masturbation than button pushing.

Selection from 'Bikers' Mardi Gras' artists' book by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

9.2 De Wallen Artists' Book Copyright Daniel D. Teoli Jr. mr. 37Whoop-Whoop 111 Daniel D. Teoli Jr. mr Lost Princess Copyright 2013 Daniel D. Teoli Jr. mr

50 De Wallen Artists' Book Copyright Daniel D. Teoli Jr. mr.

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Illuminated Vagina and Labia 2015 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

Man Eating Trash 2015 Daniel D. Teoli Jr. mr

Moondog Wheeling WV 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.


Ernst Hass on the subject…

“There are black and white snobs, as well as colour snobs. Because of their inability to use both well, they act on the defensive and create camps. We should never judge a photographer by what film he uses- only by how he uses it.”

It is the same with all photo processes. I keep an open mind to it all.  Either something works or not. Dump your ego and always put the photo first.

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