Unknown Araki

I wrote a review on Amazon for a couple of Araki’s books. They refused to publish it. So, let me say something about the books here.

Araki is most likely the most prolific photo book producer of all time. He claims to have made 450 books. Whatever the #…he is the king of photo book publishing.

If you only can get one book, Araki by Araki is an excellent overview of his body of work.


It gives you samples from early street photography to his undercover train work and lesser known flower and night time abstracts. It also gives you a taste of his bondage pix he is well known for.

Araki liked to relax in Tokyo’s sex club district with his friend after a long days work. In Tokyo Lucky Hole, he documented the sexcapades from all angles including many rare, seldom seen sex fetish clubs.


One club specializes in train fetishes where customers can simulate fondling and molesting women riders. (A favorite pastime among Japanese men, although I’ve heard they are cracking down on it.)

Also coverage of the soaplands and the unusual peephole club where clients can reach through cutouts to inspect, photograph or finger a girl while she masturbates or sucks the client. Araki is also shown in a number of the photos partaking in the action.

The photography in Tokyo Lucky Hole are not masterpieces, their claim to fame is in the realm of historical documentation.  In any case, it is a helluva bargain @ $15 for 700+ pages of vintage Araki.

De Wallen Graffiti 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.