Anyone serious about guns knows smart guns are no good.

On NPR they are talking about Obama and his love of smart guns. (Electronically controlled guns that can only be fired by their owners.) It seems the only people interested is smart guns are the gun haters. Why one earth would a gun user want their weapons designed, made and approved by gun haters? Anyone that is a gun devotee knows better.

Obama seems to have many wrong ideas about guns. In his TV address he stated people can buy guns off the internet with no background check. The reality is if I order a gun on the internet it has to be shipped to another FFL dealer that will do the background check on me before delivering the gun. If Obama’s team were gun users they would know this.

There are tons of defective new guns coming off the assembly line as-is…why add to the problem with the issues smart guns will bring to the table?

Here is a new LCR Ruger .327 magnum I bought for a Christmas present for my wife 5 weeks ago. Brand new, right out of the box, the Ruger would jam when the trigger was pulled.

A few weeks later I bought a Glock 42 .380. I tried 5 different brand of ammunition in it. The Glock would jam and fail to eject anything I fed it. A Kahre .380 I was considering also has ejection problems.

We don’t need to make the guns more complex and useless than what they are. Smart guns are a back door method the gun confiscation crowd will use to take guns out of the hands of the law abiding citizen. We can see how N.J. headed in that direction. We don’t need guns designed by those that favor gun confiscation.

The next step for smart guns will be licensing that can be shut off just like a cell phone can de disabled. The bad guys may also come up with a device to jam the smart gun from working.

In a survival situation what can you do when batteries are not available? If your smart gun got knocked out of  your hand and you wife picks up the smart gun to help shoot the bad guy that is going to stab you…now what? It wont shoot for her.  In the end…smart guns are a stupid idea.