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From the Pentax Forum…

Check this out – photographer with quite the excessive ego

This ‘Famous’ Photographer is Getting Called Out for His Public Comments



Dunno Nash…what may be big to one, may be small to another. Excessive ego is in the eye of the beholder. But, if your a good street photog you got to be a little off your rocker to shove you cam into a strangers face at 2 in the morning. Good chance the hardcore street photog is going to have a different attitude and ego than a landscaper or startrail photog.

All types of personalities out there Nash-some are more asshole-ish than others. Unless I have to be married to em, I’d forget the ego judgments and concentrate on their end results. Eugene Smith produced great work, but as a human he was a shit. We overlook it and still love his pix.

De Wallen Postcards copyright 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr. mr

Postcard display Amsterdam

If you want to see some crazy ego’s get this book from your library.


The artists in the book far surpass any eccentricities and ego that the poor photogs can come up with.