Limited Edition Artist’s Books by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.


Limited Edition Artist’s Books by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.


A Family Portrait – 1971

Anecdote – 2011 (f)

Engaging the Enemy Frigate – 2011 (f)

Imitation of Life – 2011

Pocket Art (Series 1 to 3) – 2012

Dye Transfer Printing from the 1950’s – 2012 (f)

Dye Stability Testing of Color Imaging Media – 2012 (f)

InkJet Print Files – 2012

Portfolio 25 – 2013

Portfolio 50 – 2013

The Partial McVouty – 2013 (f)

Pocket Art (Series 4 to 7) – 2013

Peephole: Peering Into the World of 1970’s Hollywood and L.A. – 2013

Portfolio: Peering Into the World of 1970’s Hollywood and L.A. – 2013

Twenty-Six Roadkills – 2013

Cutters: There is nothing I hate more than myself. – 2014 (f)

The Animal Lovers I – 2014 (f)

Encyclopedia of Photographic & Fine Art Ink Jet-
Printing Media – 12 Volume Set – 2014 (d)

Gender Benders from the 1970’s – 2014 (z)

De Wallen: Amsterdam’s Red Light District – 2015

Pocket Art IR – 2015

Bikers’ Mardi Gras – 2015

Eiffel Found  – 2015 (f)

Gender Benders from the 1970’s – 2015

Tonality – 2015

The Animal Lovers II – 2015 (f)

Dog Instruction – 2015 (f)

8mm – 2015 (f)

8mm II – 2015 (f)

Skinned Alive – 2016 (f)

The Animal Lovers: Master Edition with DVD  – 2016 (f)

The End of an Era – 2016 (f)

Temple of Dreams – 2016 (f)

Meet on the Street…Shoot at the Home – 2016

8mm – Master Edition – 2016 (f)

8mm – Master Edition with DVD – 2016 (f)

All About Dick! – 2016 (f)

All About Dick! II – 2016 (f)

Circus – 2016 (f)

Circus Volume II – 2016 (f)

The McCarthy Files: Press Photography from the McCarthy Era – 2017 (f)

Japanese Collotypes from the Late Meiji Period – 2017 (f)

The Vanishing Race: Photogravures of Joseph K. Dixon – 2017 (f)

QSL – 2017 (f)

QSL Risqué – 2017 (f)

Press Photography M.D. – 2017 (f)

Propaganda – 2017 (b) (f)

The Dirty Japs…So Solly – 2017 (f)

Shitler – 2017 (f)

The Kennedy Files – 2017 (b) (f)

Real Rodeo  2017 (f)

Real Rodeo II – 2019 (a) (f)

Japanese Customs and Costume from the Late Meiji Period – 2018 (f)

180 – The Circular Fisheye at Large – 2019

The Beatniks – 2018 (f)

The Beatniks II – 2018 (f)

Going Native! – 2018 (f)

Going Native! II – 2019 (a) (f)

Her Last Day Alive – 2018 (a) (f)

A Day in the Life of a Drag Queen – 2019 (a)

Gone! Up in Smoke – (b)

8mm Film Ephemera – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Americans…60 years after Frank – Forthcoming 2019 (a)

Piercing Darkness Forthcoming 2019 (a)

Dye Stability Testing of Color Imaging Media: Edition II  – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Whoop-Whoop Forthcoming 2019 (a)

Gay Bar – Forthcoming (b)

Women are Beautiful: Beyond Snapshot Aesthetics – Forthcoming (b)

180 – The Circular Fisheye at Large II – Forthcoming (c)

Big Mouth Forthcoming (c)

Ted’s Excellent Adventure – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Queens Elevated – Forthcoming (b)

Queens Elevated MFC – (b)

Queens Elevated December – (e)

Charmed Forthcoming (b)

The Buskers – Forthcoming (c)

Tintype Women  – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Moo! – Forthcoming (b)

Cockeyed – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Girls of the Beat Generation: The Mix – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Girls of the Beat Generation: The Bodies – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Raw: Girls of the Beat Generation – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Girls of the Beat Generation: Hairstyles from the 1940’s-1960’s – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Rainbow Girls of the Beat Generation – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Girls of the Beat Generation: Outtakes – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Girls of the Beat Generation: 6 Volume Master Set  – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Presenting Photography to Curators and Museums – Forthcoming (b)

Looking Up Manhattan! – Forthcoming (c)

Photographers Forthcoming (c)

Infrared New York – Forthcoming (c)

Yum! – Forthcoming (b)

Practice and Techniques for Infrared Flash Photography – Forthcoming (c)

A Shadow in Time – Forthcoming (b) (f)

A Shadow in Time II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

A Hidden World – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Sex Collages – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Peekaboo (in / out) – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Catfights! – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Secrets of Candid Photography – Forthcoming (c)

Freezing Time: Vernacular Snapshot Aesthetics – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Freezing Time: Vernacular Snapshot Aesthetics II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Freezing Time: Vernacular Snapshot Aesthetics III – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Manhattan 180 – Forthcoming (c)

In Their Day – 2017 (f)

Double Take – Forthcoming (c) (f)

19th Century Japanese Albumen Photographs from the Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Wide Open – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Ghost of Christmas Past  – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Ghost of Christmas Past II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Ghost of Christmas Past III – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Pigskin Chronicles – 2017 (f)

Pigskin Chronicles II – 2017 (f)

Pigskin Chronicles III – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Frosty – Forthcoming (b) (f)

All Blocked Up! – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Strap-ons from the 1890’s – Forthcoming (c) (f)

All You Need is Love – Forthcoming (b) (f)

All You Need is Love II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Nursing Home Confidential – Forthcoming (b)

Klaus – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Historical Christmas Tree – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Majorette – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Compendium of Women’s Hairstyles 1845 – 1975 I – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Compendium of Women’s Hairstyles 1845 – 1975 II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Compendium of Women’s Hairstyles 1845 – 1975 III – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Dinosaur Hunters – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Balling the Jack – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Gimme the Finger – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Painted Ladies  – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Painted Ladies  II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Great Tit – Forthcoming (c)

Artifices of Convention – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Shooting Blind  – Forthcoming (b)

Beatnik Lovefest – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Beatnik Lovefest II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Going Postal – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Going Postal II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Going Postal III – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Circus Volume III – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Plain Brown Paper Wrapper Girls: Bohemian Models from 1940’s-1960’s – Forthcoming (b)(f)

A Mucky Day in NYC – Forthcoming (b)

Magnifying Lens Photography – Forthcoming (c)

Take it Like a Man – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Iconoclastic Reporter – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Iconoclastic Reporter II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Flappers: The Mix – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Flappers: Raw! – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Rainbow Flappers – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Flappers: Reflections – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Flappers: Hairstyles from the 1915 – 1935 – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Flappers: Outtakes – Forthcoming (b) (f)

 The Flappers: 6 Volume Master Set  – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Nightwatch – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Pre-Beat Bohemians: Girls from the 1930’s & 1940’s – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Bathing Beauties – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Selected Ambrotypes, Opalotypes & Tintypes from the Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection – Forthcoming (c) (f)

So…You Think You Got Troubles? – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Mirror Image  – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Mirror Image II  – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Bohemians – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Hyper-Real HDR Street Photography – Forthcoming (b)

Blow Man Blow! Forthcoming (b) (f)

Blow Man Blow! II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Whoop-De-Doo: The Homosexuals – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Whoop-De-Doo: The Heterosexuals – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Whoop-De-Doo: Mixed Company – Forthcoming (b) (f)

From the Train – Forthcoming (b)

Fashion Trends Through Press Photography 1920 – 1975 – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Adorable – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Hungry for Love –  Forthcoming (c)

Before Photoshop (Abridged) – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Before Photoshop (Unabridged – 2 volume set) – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Pitch Black Crapshoot – Forthcoming (c)

Trucker Fags in Denial: A Closer Look – 2020 (f)

Harem – 2018 (f)

Stereo Nudes 1890 – 1930 – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Stereo Nudes 1940 – 1990 – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Vegas Undercover – Forthcoming (b)

Bikers’ Mardi Gras: Revisited – Forthcoming (c)

Pucker Up! – Forthcoming (c)

Rear View  Forthcoming (c)

The Press Photographers – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Press Photographers II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Looking up the 1920’s! – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Looking up the 1920’s! II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Broken Leg Variations – 2016

The Honeymooners – Forthcoming (b) (f)

A Shot in the Dark – Forthcoming (b)

Bonnets, Buttons and Bows from the 19th Century – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Blinded by the Light – Forthcoming (b)

The Lovers – Forthcoming (b)

America…in T shirts – Forthcoming (b)

Snob Repeal – Forthcoming (b)

L.A.•ART – Forthcoming (b)

New York Wide Open  – Forthcoming (b)

Bohemian Nights  – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Bohemian Nights II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Freemont Street IR – Forthcoming (b)

Flapper Hat Styles – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Women of the Roaring 20’s – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Nosing Around – Forthcoming (c)

The Street Portraitists – Forthcoming (c)

In Motion – Forthcoming (c)

Strangers in Paradise – Forthcoming (b) (f)

50 Photos – Forthcoming (c)

Hijabs of New York – Forthcoming (c)

Day for Night – Forthcoming (c)

You Just Gotta Have Balls! – A Street Photographer’s Manifesto  Forthcoming (c)

New York, New York – Forthcoming (c)

Pointers – Forthcoming (c)

Infrared Street Photography – Forthcoming (c)

Litho Nudes from the 1950’s – Forthcoming (b) (f)

French Postcards – Forthcoming (b) (f)

ARTZ – Forthcoming (c)

IR in Motion: Greeley Square Park – Forthcoming (c)

IR in Motion: On Broadway – Forthcoming (c)

On the Fly – Forthcoming (c)

Piercing New York – Forthcoming (c)

Real Flappers – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Off Kilter – Forthcoming (b)

Secrets of Night Street Photography – Forthcoming (c)

Tough Women – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Guerilla (Warfare) Photography (PC) – Forthcoming (c)

Mucking Around Manhattan IR – Forthcoming (b)

Humans of New York…No BULLSHIT! – Forthcoming (b)

Humans of New York…No BULLSHIT IR! – Forthcoming (b)

Novelette – Forthcoming (b)

Metro IR – Forthcoming (b)

Narcissus Reborn – Forthcoming (b)

Gone Girls – Forthcoming (b) (f)

From Life – Forthcoming (c)

America Essentially – Forthcoming (c)

The Historical HomosexualThe Mix – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Historical Homosexual: 3 Volume set – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Cockeyed – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Historical Dildo – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Erotic Post Card Samplers from the 1900’s – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Studio Sets and Interior Design from Early Erotic Photography 1890 – 1930 – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Catalogue Raisonné: 6 Volume set – Forthcoming (c)

Novella on a Bobby Soxer – 2017 (f)

Days Past – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Windowpane Visions – Forthcoming (c)

New York Found – Forthcoming (c)

On the Phone – Forthcoming (c)

Tintype Children – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Book Review – Forthcoming (c)

Book Review II – Forthcoming (c)

 Black  & White Projects – Forthcoming (c)

Cutouts – Forthcoming (c) (f)

On the Street – Forthcoming (c)

On the Street: The Mix – Forthcoming (c)

Picture This – Forthcoming (c)

Night Visions – Forthcoming (b)

Night Visions II – Forthcoming (c)

One View – Forthcoming (c)

Actualities – Forthcoming (c)

Actualities (found) – Forthcoming (c) (f)

From the Bus – Forthcoming (c)

Mardi Gras IR – Forthcoming (c)

Mardi Gras IR II – Forthcoming (c)

Chris and Carol – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Realists – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Treasures from the Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Peeping Thomas Looks Through the Keyhole – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Vintage Strippers 1940’s – 1960’s – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Cat Eyes – Forthcoming (c) (f)

We Know Time – Forthcoming (c)

On Broadway – Forthcoming (c)

Bohemian View – Forthcoming (c)

Coney Island IR – Forthcoming (c)

One Way – Forthcoming (c)

Silver Dreams in Jersey City – Forthcoming (b)

Times Square IR – Forthcoming (c)

19th Century Children – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Payot of 47th Street – Forthcoming (c)

French Showgirls & Dancers 1910 – 1930 – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Collage Orgies – Forthcoming (c)

Basic Principles of Photograph Restoration – Forthcoming (c)

Trashed People – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Trashed Families – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Over the Shoulder – Forthcoming (c)

The Complete Water Distillation Tests – 2016 (c)

The Complete Water Distillation Tests Ed. 2 – 2020 (c)

Frozen Love – Forthcoming (c)

Go-Go Girls – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Go-Go Girls Raw! – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Go-Go Girls at Home – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Snapshot Albums – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Compendium of Historical Pornography 1890 – 1970 – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Compendium of Historical Pornography 1890 – 1970 II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Queer as Folk – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Monochrom – Forthcoming (c)

Print Files – Forthcoming (c)

Polaroid Diaries – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Polaroid Diaries II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Polaroid Transformations – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Polaroid Sex Limited – Forthcoming (b) (f)

2AM – Forthcoming (b)

Stripper Groupies Undercover – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Diving Horses – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Looking Up! The Historical Upskirt – 2018 (f)

Selected Daguerreotypes from the Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection – Forthcoming (c) (f)

In the Studio – Forthcoming (c) (f)

At the Beach – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Nocturnal Emissions – Forthcoming (c)

The Tree Hippies – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Notes to Self – Forthcoming (c)

The Trocadero – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Old School Pinups – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Old School Pinups II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Kodachrome Files – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Casting Couch – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Pornographic Real Photo Postcards – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Fishnet – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Girls, Girls, Girls! – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Rodeo Nights – Forthcoming (c)

Raising Cain – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Erwin and His Guns – 2018 (f)

Duck Hunting in Wisconsin – 2018 (f)

Life on Lake Poygan in the 1950s – 2018 (f)

80 Years and Still on the Job! – Forthcoming (e) (f)

Hungry for Love –  Forthcoming (b) (f)

Looking Up the 1950’s – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Sooner or Later…Y’all End Up on eBay! – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Cheesecake – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Cheesecake II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Midnight Dogs – Forthcoming (c)

Hanging Fruit – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Women’s Hat Styles 1940 – 1970 – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Triplets – Forthcoming (b) (f)

3D at Large…Where’s Waldo? – Forthcoming (c) (f)

In and Out – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Icing on the Cake: Hats of the Beat Era – Forthcoming (b) (f)

With Due Respect Beloved One – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Cyanotypes from the Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection – 2017 (f)

Something About Her – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Down in Dixie (ster) – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Wedding (ster)- Forthcoming (b) (f)

Medicine Show – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Real Cowboys – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Private Parts – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Klaw’s Girls – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Bobbysoxers – Forthcoming (c) (f)

 Women’s Hairstyles from the Tintype Era – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Flat Out – Forthcoming (c) (f

Bouffants and Beehives – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Selected C.D.V.’s & Cabinet Cards from the Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Politicians – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Politicians II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Picture Perfect – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Picture Perfect II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Kodachrome Sportswear 1940 – 1950  Forthcoming (c) (f)

Dreamworld Found – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Early 19th Century Erotic Stereo Photography – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Season’s Greetings – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Ephemera – Forthcoming (b)

Ephemera II – Forthcoming (c)

The Braidy Bunch – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Women’s Fashion 1845 -1915: From the Prairie to the City – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Compendium of Millinery 1840 – 1930 – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Compendium of Millinery 1840 – 1930 II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Till Death Do Us Part – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Candy Cane – (e)

Cat’s Meow (cateye) – Forthcoming (c) (f) (z)

Fashion Photography of the Victorian Era – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Tin Hats! (tint)- Forthcoming (b) (f)

Litho-graphics – (e)

Ladies Studio Portraits 1840 – 1890 – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Studio Portrait Photography 1840 – 1900 – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Hand-tinted Japanese Albumen Prints –  Forthcoming (c) (f)

Defective People – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Bonnets, Buttons, Ribbons & Bows – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Victorian Wedding Dresses  – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Edwardian Wedding Dresses  – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Roaring 20’s and Depression era Wedding Dresses Forthcoming (c) (f)

Children of the 19th Century – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Baby Doll! Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Cotton Pickers Forthcoming (c) (f)

Camera Girls – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Camera Girls – Forthcoming (b) (f) (z)

Visions in Blue Forthcoming (c) (f)

Fat Women of the 19th Century – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Muffs – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Compendium of 19th Century Bonnets – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Mail Order Smut – Forthcoming (b) (f)

If you see something interesting…Archive It! – Forthcoming (b) (f)

 C.D.V.  & Cabinet Card Advertising Imprints  – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Ambrotype, Daguerreotype & Tintype Advertising Imprints  – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Bikes – Forthcoming (c) (f)

19th and Early 20th Century Purses – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Ghosts – Forthcoming (c) (f)

19th Century Albumen Documentary Photographs – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Blackout – Forthcoming (c) (z)

Golden Boys – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Golden Boys – Forthcoming (b) (f) (z)

Seduction – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Operators – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Picnic – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Bird Watchers – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Women’s Swimsuits from the Beat Era – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Women’s Sportswear from the Beat Era – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Victorian and Edwardian Umbrellas and Parasols – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Small Weddings – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Blackface – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Orientalists – Forthcoming (c) (f)

19th and Early 20th Century Bridal Bouquets – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Grand Tetons – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Wheeling, West Virginia Flood of 1913 – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Wedding Parties 1860 – 1950 – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Wedding Parties 1860 – 1950 II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Nosegays – Forthcoming (c) (f)

New Year’s Eve Forthcoming (c)

The Mimeo Revolution Revisited – Forthcoming (b) (z)

Wedding Cakes 1920 -1970 Forthcoming (c) (f)

In Communion with God – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Anonymous Forthcoming (b) (f)

Vintage Bridal Headpieces Forthcoming (b) (f)

Confirmed – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Sami Laplanders – 2019 (f)

Underground Photography – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Warm Milk – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Steel Pier Diving Horses – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Family Life 1890 – 1960 – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Christmas Parade – Forthcoming (c)

Japanese Miniatures – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Gloves of the 19th Century – Forthcoming (c)

A Peeping Tom’s Archive – 2018 (b) (f)

Dreams of Satin – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Stage Actors – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Love Nest on Wheels – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Parades – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Babushka – Forthcoming (c)

Babushka 5th Avenue – Forthcoming (b)

Babushka 180 – Forthcoming (c)

Round Midnight (E Train) – Forthcoming (c)

Rush Hour – Forthcoming (c)

Living in a Cardboard Box – Forthcoming (c)

Knockoff – Forthcoming (c)

Beatnik Pinups – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Small Gauge Reel & Film Can Archive – Forthcoming (b)

Small Gauge Reel & Film Can Archive II – Forthcoming (c)

Collage of Life – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Landscapes – Forthcoming (c)

It’s Magic! (Airwaves) – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Out the Window – Forthcoming (c)

Acid Test – (e)

Dawn of the Personal Computer – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Vintage Klaw – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Girlfriends – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Sweet Rose (v-ag) – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Rear View (street) – Forthcoming (c)

Rear View (pinp) – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Beatniks of the Vernacular Persuasion – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Klaw – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Pig in a Poke (16) – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Beatnik Pinups – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Down with Love – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Joan Rydell Files – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Girls Make the World Go Round! – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Klaw Zines & Offspring – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The ‘X’ Girls – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The ‘Y’ Girls – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Klaw…Topsy-turvy – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Rejection – Forthcoming (b)

Curlers – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Genderqueer Archives – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Genderqueer Archives II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Fashion Statements – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Manhattan Marriage Bureau…Getting Hitched – Forthcoming (b)

The Manhattan Marriage Bureau…Getting Hitched IR – Forthcoming (b)

Legs – Forthcoming (c)

Construction Site Dreamworld  IR – Forthcoming (b)

The Fashion Statements (street) – Forthcoming (c)

Spider Web (arki) – Forthcoming (b)

You’ve Got to Stick to it with the Energy of a Benny Addict (prbs) – Forthcoming (c)

Amsterdam 180  – Forthcoming (b)

Women of the Veil – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Glass Plates – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Verso – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Girl in a Box – Forthcoming (c)

Nancy the Hermaphrodite Love Doll – Forthcoming (c)

Families Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Stair Dwellers Forthcoming (c)

Metro 180 – Forthcoming (c)

Manhattan Marriage Bureau 180 – Forthcoming (c)

Autochromes from the Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Strand – Forthcoming (c)

Superstore IR – Forthcoming (c)

Techniques for Success with the Circular Fisheye – Forthcoming (c)

Pissin Around – Forthcoming (c)

PANS – Forthcoming (c)

New York Dreamworld – Forthcoming (c)

One in the Hand – Forthcoming (c)

New York Steam – Forthcoming (c)

Hand in Hand  Forthcoming (c)

Earmuffs  Forthcoming (c)

Blackout Portraits  Forthcoming (c)

Offshoots  Forthcoming (c)

Social Documentary Photography: The Landscape of People – Forthcoming (b)

Social Documentary Photography: The Landscape of People Vol II  Forthcoming (c)

Me & My Shadow – Forthcoming (c)

Diary of a Dying Nation – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Woke World – Forthcoming (c)

There You are Jesus – Forthcoming (c)

Detritus – Forthcoming (c)

Sabre Rattling (mosh) – Forthcoming (c)

If shit was Shinola…you wouldn’t have to buy shoe polish (lesb-hautd-hse) (b)

Pet Cemetery – Forthcoming (c)

The Optical Media Tests – Forthcoming (c)

Teoli’s Journal – Forthcoming (c)

Yodeling Dick Brooks – Forthcoming (c)

The ‘X’ Files – VHS Archive – Forthcoming (b)

Life as Lived – Forthcoming (c)

Comix of Daniel D.Teoli Jr. – Forthcoming (c)

 Cell Phone People – Forthcoming (c)

A Family Album – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Cheek by Jowl – Forthcoming (c)

Popular Cultur – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The BabyCentric House – Forthcoming (c)

Hinterlands – (e)

Axis Mundi – (e)

Artsy Type…No Principles – (e)

What is Spontaneous Bop Prose… – (e)

All Options are on the Table – (e)

Hebejebes – (e)

Thirty-six views of Bison – (e)


(a) Principal photography complete – pro forma book printing schedule.

(b) Principal photography complete – pending book printing, no date scheduled.

(c) Photography in progress – ongoing, no completion date set.

(d) World record for largest set of hand-printed artist’s books ever produced.

(e) In development

(f) Selections from Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection

(z) Zine

Daniel D.Teoli Jr. Archival Collection
Daniel D.Teoli Jr. Small Gauge Film Archive
Daniel D.Teoli Jr. VHS Video Archive
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De Wallen Graffiti 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.