Limited Edition Artist’s Books by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.



Limited Edition Artist’s Books by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.


A Family Portrait – 1971

Anecdote – 2011 (f)

Engaging the Enemy Frigate – 2011 (f)

Imitation of Life – 2011

Pocket Art (Series 1 to 3) – 2012

Dye Transfer Printing from the 1950’s – 2012 (f)

Dye Stability Testing of Color Imaging Media – 2012 (f)

InkJet Print Files – 2012

Portfolio 25 – 2013

Portfolio 50 – 2013

The Partial McVouty – 2013 (f)

Pocket Art (Series 4 to 7) – 2013

Peephole: Peering Into the World of 1970’s Hollywood and L.A. – 2013

Portfolio: Peering Into the World of 1970’s Hollywood and L.A. – 2013

Twenty-Six Roadkills – 2013

Cutters: There is nothing I hate more than myself. – 2014 (f)

The Animal Lovers I – 2014 (f)

Encyclopedia of Photographic & Fine Art Ink Jet-
Printing Media – 12 Volume Set – 2014 (d)

Gender Benders from the 1970’s – 2014 (z)

De Wallen: Amsterdam’s Red Light District – 2015

Pocket Art IR – 2015

Bikers’ Mardi Gras – 2015

Eiffel Found  – 2015 (f)

Gender Benders from the 1970’s – 2015

Tonality – 2015

The Animal Lovers II – 2015 (f)

Dog Instruction – 2015 (f)

8mm – 2015 (f)

8mm II – 2015 (f)

Skinned Alive – 2016 (f)

The Animal Lovers: Master Edition with DVD  – 2016 (f)

The End of an Era – 2016 (f)

Temple of Dreams – 2016 (f)

Meet on the Street…Shoot at the Home – 2016

8mm – Master Edition – 2016 (f)

8mm – Master Edition with DVD – 2016 (f)

All About Dick! – 2016 (f)

All About Dick! II – 2016 (f)

Circus – 2016 (f)

Circus Volume II – 2016 (f)

The McCarthy Files: Press Photography from the McCarthy Era – 2017 (f)

Japanese Collotypes from the Late Meiji Period – 2017 (f)

The Vanishing Race: Photogravures of Joseph K. Dixon – 2017 (f)

QSL – 2017 (f)

QSL Risqué – 2017 (f)

Press Photography M.D. – 2017 (f)

Propaganda – 2017 (b) (f)

The Dirty Japs…So Solly – 2017 (f)

Shitler – 2017 (f)

The Kennedy Files – 2017 (b) (f)

Real Rodeo  2017 (f)

Real Rodeo II – 2019 (a) (f)

Japanese Customs and Costume from the Late Meiji Period – 2018 (f)

180 – The Circular Fisheye at Large – 2019

The Beatniks – 2018 (f)

The Beatniks II – 2018 (f)

Going Native! – 2018 (f)

Going Native! II – 2019 (a) (f)

Her Last Day Alive – 2018 (a) (f)

A Day in the Life of a Drag Queen – 2019 (a)

Gone! Up in Smoke – (b)

8mm Film Ephemera – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Americans…60 years after Frank – Forthcoming 2019 (a)

Piercing Darkness Forthcoming 2019 (a)

Dye Stability Testing of Color Imaging Media: Edition II  – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Whoop-Whoop Forthcoming 2019 (a)

Gay Bar – Forthcoming (b)

Women are Beautiful: Beyond Snapshot Aesthetics – Forthcoming (b)

180 – The Circular Fisheye at Large II – Forthcoming (c)

Big Mouth Forthcoming (c)

Ted’s Excellent Adventure – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Queens Elevated – Forthcoming (b)

Queens Elevated MFC – (b)

Queens Elevated December – (e)

Charmed Forthcoming (b)

The Buskers – Forthcoming (c)

Tintype Women  – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Moo! – Forthcoming (b)

Cockeyed – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Girls of the Beat Generation: The Mix – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Girls of the Beat Generation: The Bodies – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Raw: Girls of the Beat Generation – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Girls of the Beat Generation: Hairstyles from the 1940’s-1960’s – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Rainbow Girls of the Beat Generation – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Girls of the Beat Generation: Outtakes – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Girls of the Beat Generation: 6 Volume Master Set  – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Presenting Photography to Curators and Museums – Forthcoming (b)

Looking Up Manhattan! – Forthcoming (c)

Photographers Forthcoming (c)

Infrared New York – Forthcoming (c)

Yum! – Forthcoming (b)

Practice and Techniques for Infrared Flash Photography – Forthcoming (c)

A Shadow in Time – Forthcoming (b) (f)

A Shadow in Time II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

A Hidden World – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Sex Collages – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Peekaboo (in / out) – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Catfights! – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Secrets of Candid Photography – Forthcoming (c)

Freezing Time: Vernacular Snapshot Aesthetics – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Freezing Time: Vernacular Snapshot Aesthetics II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Freezing Time: Vernacular Snapshot Aesthetics III – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Manhattan 180 – Forthcoming (c)

In Their Day – 2017 (f)

Double Take – Forthcoming (c) (f)

19th Century Japanese Albumen Photographs from the Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Wide Open – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Ghost of Christmas Past  – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Ghost of Christmas Past II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Ghost of Christmas Past III – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Pigskin Chronicles – 2017 (f)

Pigskin Chronicles II – 2017 (f)

Pigskin Chronicles III – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Frosty – Forthcoming (b) (f)

All Blocked Up! – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Strap-ons from the 1890’s – Forthcoming (c) (f)

All You Need is Love – Forthcoming (b) (f)

All You Need is Love II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Nursing Home Confidential – Forthcoming (b)

Klaus – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Historical Christmas Tree – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Majorette – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Compendium of Women’s Hairstyles 1845 – 1975 I – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Compendium of Women’s Hairstyles 1845 – 1975 II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Compendium of Women’s Hairstyles 1845 – 1975 III – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Dinosaur Hunters – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Balling the Jack – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Gimme the Finger – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Painted Ladies  – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Painted Ladies  II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Great Tit – Forthcoming (c)

Artifices of Convention – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Shooting Blind  – Forthcoming (b)

Beatnik Lovefest – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Beatnik Lovefest II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Going Postal – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Going Postal II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Going Postal III – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Circus Volume III – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Plain Brown Paper Wrapper Girls: Bohemian Models from 1940’s-1960’s – Forthcoming (b)(f)

A Mucky Day in NYC – Forthcoming (b)

Magnifying Lens Photography – Forthcoming (c)

Take it Like a Man – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Iconoclastic Reporter – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Iconoclastic Reporter II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Flappers: The Mix – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Flappers: Raw! – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Rainbow Flappers – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Flappers: Reflections – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Flappers: Hairstyles from the 1915 – 1935 – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Flappers: Outtakes – Forthcoming (b) (f)

 The Flappers: 6 Volume Master Set  – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Nightwatch – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Pre-Beat Bohemians: Girls from the 1930’s & 1940’s – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Bathing Beauties – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Selected Ambrotypes, Opalotypes & Tintypes from the Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection – Forthcoming (c) (f)

So…You Think You Got Troubles? – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Mirror Image  – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Mirror Image II  – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Bohemians – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Hyper-Real HDR Street Photography – Forthcoming (b)

Blow Man Blow! Forthcoming (b) (f)

Blow Man Blow! II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Whoop-De-Doo: The Homosexuals – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Whoop-De-Doo: The Heterosexuals – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Whoop-De-Doo: Mixed Company – Forthcoming (b) (f)

From the Train – Forthcoming (b)

Fashion Trends Through Press Photography 1920 – 1975 – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Adorable – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Hungry for Love –  Forthcoming (c)

Before Photoshop (Abridged) – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Before Photoshop (Unabridged – 2 volume set) – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Pitch Black Crapshoot – Forthcoming (c)

Trucker Fags in Denial: A Closer Look – 2020 (f)

Harem – 2018 (f)

Stereo Nudes 1890 – 1930 – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Stereo Nudes 1940 – 1990 – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Vegas Undercover – Forthcoming (b)

Bikers’ Mardi Gras: Revisited – Forthcoming (c)

Pucker Up! – Forthcoming (c)

Rear View  Forthcoming (c)

The Press Photographers – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Press Photographers II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Looking up the 1920’s! – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Looking up the 1920’s! II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Broken Leg Variations – 2016

The Honeymooners – Forthcoming (b) (f)

A Shot in the Dark – Forthcoming (b)

Bonnets, Buttons and Bows from the 19th Century – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Blinded by the Light – Forthcoming (b)

The Lovers – Forthcoming (b)

America…in T shirts – Forthcoming (b)

Snob Repeal – Forthcoming (b)

L.A.•ART – Forthcoming (b)

New York Wide Open  – Forthcoming (b)

Bohemian Nights  – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Bohemian Nights II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Freemont Street IR – Forthcoming (b)

Flapper Hat Styles – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Women of the Roaring 20’s – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Nosing Around – Forthcoming (c)

The Street Portraitists – Forthcoming (c)

In Motion – Forthcoming (c)

Strangers in Paradise – Forthcoming (b) (f)

50 Photos – Forthcoming (c)

Hijabs of New York – Forthcoming (c)

Day for Night – Forthcoming (c)

You Just Gotta Have Balls! – A Street Photographer’s Manifesto  Forthcoming (c)

New York, New York – Forthcoming (c)

Pointers – Forthcoming (c)

Infrared Street Photography – Forthcoming (c)

Litho Nudes from the 1950’s – Forthcoming (b) (f)

French Postcards – Forthcoming (b) (f)

ARTZ – Forthcoming (c)

IR in Motion: Greeley Square Park – Forthcoming (c)

IR in Motion: On Broadway – Forthcoming (c)

On the Fly – Forthcoming (c)

Piercing New York – Forthcoming (c)

Real Flappers – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Off Kilter – Forthcoming (b)

Secrets of Night Street Photography – Forthcoming (c)

Tough Women – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Guerilla (Warfare) Photography (PC) – Forthcoming (c)

Mucking Around Manhattan IR – Forthcoming (b)

Humans of New York…No BULLSHIT! – Forthcoming (b)

Humans of New York…No BULLSHIT IR! – Forthcoming (b)

Novelette – Forthcoming (b)

Metro IR – Forthcoming (b)

Narcissus Reborn – Forthcoming (b)

Gone Girls – Forthcoming (b) (f)

From Life – Forthcoming (c)

America Essentially – Forthcoming (c)

The Historical HomosexualThe Mix – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Historical Homosexual: 3 Volume set – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Cockeyed – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Historical Dildo – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Erotic Post Card Samplers from the 1900’s – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Studio Sets and Interior Design from Early Erotic Photography 1890 – 1930 – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Catalogue Raisonné: 6 Volume set – Forthcoming (c)

Novella on a Bobby Soxer – 2017 (f)

Days Past – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Windowpane Visions – Forthcoming (c)

New York Found – Forthcoming (c)

On the Phone – Forthcoming (c)

Tintype Children – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Book Review – Forthcoming (c)

Book Review II – Forthcoming (c)

 Black  & White Projects – Forthcoming (c)

Cutouts – Forthcoming (c) (f)

On the Street – Forthcoming (c)

On the Street: The Mix – Forthcoming (c)

Picture This – Forthcoming (c)

Night Visions – Forthcoming (b)

Night Visions II – Forthcoming (c)

One View – Forthcoming (c)

Actualities – Forthcoming (c)

Actualities (found) – Forthcoming (c) (f)

From the Bus – Forthcoming (c)

Mardi Gras IR – Forthcoming (c)

Mardi Gras IR II – Forthcoming (c)

Chris and Carol – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Realists – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Treasures from the Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Peeping Thomas Looks Through the Keyhole – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Vintage Strippers 1940’s – 1960’s – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Cat Eyes – Forthcoming (c) (f)

We Know Time – Forthcoming (c)

On Broadway – Forthcoming (c)

Bohemian View – Forthcoming (c)

Coney Island IR – Forthcoming (c)

One Way – Forthcoming (c)

Silver Dreams in Jersey City – Forthcoming (b)

Times Square IR – Forthcoming (c)

19th Century Children – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Payot of 47th Street – Forthcoming (c)

French Showgirls & Dancers 1910 – 1930 – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Collage Orgies – Forthcoming (c)

Basic Principles of Photograph Restoration – Forthcoming (c)

Trashed People – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Trashed Families – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Over the Shoulder – Forthcoming (c)

The Complete Water Distillation Tests – 2016 (c)

The Complete Water Distillation Tests Ed. 2 – 2020 (c)

Frozen Love – Forthcoming (c)

Go-Go Girls – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Go-Go Girls Raw! – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Go-Go Girls at Home – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Snapshot Albums – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Compendium of Historical Pornography 1890 – 1970 – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Compendium of Historical Pornography 1890 – 1970 II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Queer as Folk – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Monochrom – Forthcoming (c)

Print Files – Forthcoming (c)

Polaroid Diaries – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Polaroid Diaries II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Polaroid Transformations – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Polaroid Sex Limited – Forthcoming (b) (f)

2AM – Forthcoming (b)

Stripper Groupies Undercover – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Diving Horses – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Looking Up! The Historical Upskirt – 2018 (f)

Selected Daguerreotypes from the Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection – Forthcoming (c) (f)

In the Studio – Forthcoming (c) (f)

At the Beach – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Nocturnal Emissions – Forthcoming (c)

The Tree Hippies – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Notes to Self – Forthcoming (c)

The Trocadero – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Old School Pinups – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Old School Pinups II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Kodachrome Files – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Casting Couch – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Pornographic Real Photo Postcards – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Fishnet – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Girls, Girls, Girls! – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Rodeo Nights – Forthcoming (c)

Raising Cain – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Erwin and His Guns – 2018 (f)

Duck Hunting in Wisconsin – 2018 (f)

Life on Lake Poygan in the 1950s – 2018 (f)

80 Years and Still on the Job! – Forthcoming (e) (f)

Hungry for Love –  Forthcoming (b) (f)

Looking Up the 1950’s – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Sooner or Later…Y’all End Up on eBay! – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Cheesecake – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Cheesecake II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Midnight Dogs – Forthcoming (c)

Hanging Fruit – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Women’s Hat Styles 1940 – 1970 – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Triplets – Forthcoming (b) (f)

3D at Large…Where’s Waldo? – Forthcoming (c) (f)

In and Out – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Icing on the Cake: Hats of the Beat Era – Forthcoming (b) (f)

With Due Respect Beloved One – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Cyanotypes from the Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection – 2017 (f)

Something About Her – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Down in Dixie (ster) – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Wedding (ster)- Forthcoming (b) (f)

Medicine Show – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Real Cowboys – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Private Parts – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Klaw’s Girls – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Bobbysoxers – Forthcoming (c) (f)

 Women’s Hairstyles from the Tintype Era – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Flat Out – Forthcoming (c) (f

Bouffants and Beehives – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Selected C.D.V.’s & Cabinet Cards from the Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Politicians – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Politicians II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Picture Perfect – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Picture Perfect II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Kodachrome Sportswear 1940 – 1950  Forthcoming (c) (f)

Dreamworld Found – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Early 19th Century Erotic Stereo Photography – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Season’s Greetings – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Ephemera – Forthcoming (b)

Ephemera II – Forthcoming (c)

The Braidy Bunch – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Women’s Fashion 1845 -1915: From the Prairie to the City – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Compendium of Millinery 1840 – 1930 – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Compendium of Millinery 1840 – 1930 II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Till Death Do Us Part – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Candy Cane – (e)

Cat’s Meow (cateye) – Forthcoming (c) (f) (z)

Fashion Photography of the Victorian Era – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Tin Hats! (tint)- Forthcoming (b) (f)

Litho-graphics – (e)

Ladies Studio Portraits 1840 – 1890 – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Studio Portrait Photography 1840 – 1900 – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Hand-tinted Japanese Albumen Prints –  Forthcoming (c) (f)

Defective People – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Bonnets, Buttons, Ribbons & Bows – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Victorian Wedding Dresses  – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Edwardian Wedding Dresses  – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Roaring 20’s and Depression era Wedding Dresses Forthcoming (c) (f)

Children of the 19th Century – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Baby Doll! Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Cotton Pickers Forthcoming (c) (f)

Camera Girls – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Camera Girls – Forthcoming (b) (f) (z)

Visions in Blue Forthcoming (c) (f)

Fat Women of the 19th Century – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Muffs – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Compendium of 19th Century Bonnets – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Mail Order Smut – Forthcoming (b) (f)

If you see something interesting…Archive It! – Forthcoming (b) (f)

 C.D.V.  & Cabinet Card Advertising Imprints  – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Ambrotype, Daguerreotype & Tintype Advertising Imprints  – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Bikes – Forthcoming (c) (f)

19th and Early 20th Century Purses – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Ghosts – Forthcoming (c) (f)

19th Century Albumen Documentary Photographs – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Blackout – Forthcoming (c) (z)

Golden Boys – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Golden Boys – Forthcoming (b) (f) (z)

Seduction – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Operators – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Picnic – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Bird Watchers – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Women’s Swimsuits from the Beat Era – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Women’s Sportswear from the Beat Era – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Victorian and Edwardian Umbrellas and Parasols – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Small Weddings – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Blackface – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Orientalists – Forthcoming (c) (f)

19th and Early 20th Century Bridal Bouquets – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Grand Tetons – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Wheeling, West Virginia Flood of 1913 – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Wedding Parties 1860 – 1950 – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Wedding Parties 1860 – 1950 II – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Nosegays – Forthcoming (c) (f)

New Year’s Eve Forthcoming (c)

The Mimeo Revolution Revisited – Forthcoming (b) (z)

Wedding Cakes 1920 -1970 Forthcoming (c) (f)

In Communion with God – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Anonymous Forthcoming (b) (f)

Vintage Bridal Headpieces Forthcoming (b) (f)

Confirmed – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Sami Laplanders – 2019 (f)

Underground Photography – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Warm Milk – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Steel Pier Diving Horses – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Family Life 1890 – 1960 – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Christmas Parade – Forthcoming (c)

Japanese Miniatures – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Gloves of the 19th Century – Forthcoming (c)

A Peeping Tom’s Archive – 2018 (b) (f)

Dreams of Satin – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Stage Actors – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Love Nest on Wheels – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Parades – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Babushka – Forthcoming (c)

Babushka 5th Avenue – Forthcoming (b)

Babushka 180 – Forthcoming (c)

Round Midnight (E Train) – Forthcoming (c)

Rush Hour – Forthcoming (c)

Living in a Cardboard Box – Forthcoming (c)

Knockoff – Forthcoming (c)

Beatnik Pinups – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Small Gauge Reel & Film Can Archive – Forthcoming (b)

Small Gauge Reel & Film Can Archive II – Forthcoming (c)

Collage of Life – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Landscapes – Forthcoming (c)

It’s Magic! (Airwaves) – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Out the Window – Forthcoming (c)

Acid Test – (e)

Dawn of the Personal Computer – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Vintage Klaw – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Girlfriends – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Sweet Rose (v-ag) – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Rear View (street) – Forthcoming (c)

Rear View (pinp) – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Beatniks of the Vernacular Persuasion – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Klaw – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Pig in a Poke (16) – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Beatnik Pinups – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Down with Love – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Joan Rydell Files – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Girls Make the World Go Round! – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Klaw Zines & Offspring – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The ‘X’ Girls – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The ‘Y’ Girls – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Klaw…Topsy-turvy – Forthcoming (b) (f)

Rejection – Forthcoming (b)

Curlers – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Genderqueer Archives – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Genderqueer Archives II – Forthcoming (b) (f)

The Fashion Statements – Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Manhattan Marriage Bureau…Getting Hitched – Forthcoming (b)

The Manhattan Marriage Bureau…Getting Hitched IR – Forthcoming (b)

Legs – Forthcoming (c)

Construction Site Dreamworld  IR – Forthcoming (b)

The Fashion Statements (street) – Forthcoming (c)

Spider Web (arki) – Forthcoming (b)

You’ve Got to Stick to it with the Energy of a Benny Addict (prbs) – Forthcoming (c)

Amsterdam 180  – Forthcoming (b)

Women of the Veil – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Glass Plates – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Verso – Forthcoming (c) (f)

Girl in a Box – Forthcoming (c)

Nancy the Hermaphrodite Love Doll – Forthcoming (c)

Families Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Stair Dwellers Forthcoming (c)

Metro 180 – Forthcoming (c)

Manhattan Marriage Bureau 180 – Forthcoming (c)

Autochromes from the Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection Forthcoming (c) (f)

The Strand – Forthcoming (c)

Superstore IR – Forthcoming (c)

Techniques for Success with the Circular Fisheye – Forthcoming (c)

Pissin Around – Forthcoming (c)

PANS – Forthcoming (c)

New York Dreamworld – Forthcoming (c)

One in the Hand – Forthcoming (c)

New York Steam – Forthcoming (c)

Hand in Hand  Forthcoming (c)

Earmuffs  Forthcoming (c)

Blackout Portraits  Forthcoming (c)

Offshoots  Forthcoming (c)

Social Documentary Photography: The Landscape of People – Forthcoming (b)

Social Documentary Photography: The Landscape of People Vol II  Forthcoming (c)

Me & My Shadow – Forthcoming (c)

Diary of a Dying Nation – Forthcoming (c)

Woke World – Forthcoming (c)

There You are Jesus – Forthcoming (c)

Detritus – Forthcoming (c)

Sabre Rattling (mosh) – Forthcoming (c)

If shit was Shinola…you wouldn’t have to buy shoe polish (lesb-hautd-hse) (b)

Pet Cemetery – Forthcoming (c)

The Optical Media Tests – Forthcoming (c)

Teoli’s Journal – Forthcoming (c)

Yodeling Dick Brooks – Forthcoming (c)

The ‘X’ Files – VHS Archive – Forthcoming (b)

Hinterlands – (e)

Axis Mundi – (e)

Artsy Type…No Principles – (e)

What is Spontaneous Bop Prose… – (e)

All Options are on the Table – (e)

Hebejebes – (e)

Thirty-six views of Bison – (e)


(a) Principal photography complete – pro forma book printing schedule.

(b) Principal photography complete – pending book printing, no date scheduled.

(c) Photography in progress – ongoing, no completion date set.

(d) World record for largest set of hand-printed artist’s books ever produced.

(e) In development

(f) Selections from Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection

(z) Zine


De Wallen Graffiti 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.