The genius of Araki…Spermanko.

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” A society without jaywalkers might indicate a society without artists.”

Paul Theroux

Araki’s Spermanko series is a good example of creativity without bounds.

Spermanko Araki.. Spermanko Araki 2

Araki said he was excited by his work so he jacked off on the photos…that is the genius of Araki!

Great artists’ have always been on a different wavelength than the rest.

Take Larry Rivers…

Larry Rivers - Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection m

Photo of Larry Rivers by John Whitman – Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection

Rivers made a little video of his daughter developing breasts. It produced a lot of controversy.

I guess it was something along the lines of this gem…

17 minutes to Sophie

When I discussed Rivers’s Growing video with a gal in her 20’s, she asked me how I would like it if a video was made of me? Well, as someone in their 60’s I can’t wrap my head around a realistic answer as a 12 year old. I can say men are on a different wavelength than most women. Men will happily get their dick out for a gal at a drop of a pin.

PD 2015 Daniel D. Teoli Jr mr - Copy

 My infrared flash photo from my artists’ book Piercing Darkness illustrates this diversity in thought between men and women.

This guy would ask girls if they wanted to touch it…none accepted. This girl recoiled and held her hand as tight as she could to her body. This underscores the difference between the sexes. If a girl was offering free touches of her delectable’s…she would not have to ask a (hetero) guy twice.

Sometimes the artists’ talent may be based in mental illness more so than talent. The deranged artist produces art from their tortured their mind and the more normal people say …Genius! The normal people don’t see things as the tortured mind does. This was the foundation of all the LSD art of the 60’s….the ability to expand our mind and put us on a different wavelength.

This video kinda illustrates this concept.

In the film, the dad was frustrated his photos were not as highly prized as his deceased daughter. Well, he didn’t have the same brand of mental illness to produce what she did. It also helped her notoriety that she was a teen girl shooting nudes selfies of herself and committed suicide.

You could see the dad’s train of thought in the studio shooting of a topless girl holding up a calendar.( I can’t really remember what she was holding up, I saw the film years ago.)  The dad was trying to make something was just not freaked out enuf to match his daughters work.

Homage to Araki…

Homage to Araki -Japanese Mouth Trainer