Compact gaffers tape dispenser.

First thing…this is not of much use to heavy users of gaffer tape like video and movie users. This is what I use for street and doc photography use.

When I finish with my yearly day books I cut up the cover into 4 x 6 inch pieces. I then put strips of gaffers tape on both sides of the plastic. It is important to use plastic and not paper based covers or the gaffers tape may rip the covers and foul the sticky qualities of the tape.

When I travel light I only may need a few small strips of tape in an emergency. In my backpack I drop in a couple of the 4 x 6 cards with tape on the front and back. Takes up nil space compared to carrying whole rolls of tape for possibly using only a 2 or 3 inch strip.

W L1000340 v9 MR