It is easy to become a slave to your blog…

Blogging is an important tool for all artists. If you don’t have one, then start a blog. If your after $, then you may want to do better than I do and be careful about what you say and show. In my case, I am completely self-funded and do not depend on photo sales or jobs…so I say and show exactly what I want to.

The blog lets you share your art and thoughts with the world. Before the internet we did not have this instant ‘push button’ ability. Writing also has the added benefit of crystalizing our thoughts. Writing uses a different part of the brain than talking uses. Of course, some of us can get caught up in written analysis and never get to the practical application part – so be careful of that trap.

Last year I found myself spending way too much time blog writing and not enuf time button pushing. It is easy to become a slave to your blog. A good portion of my time could have been used for photo related purposes instead of just writing about photography…if I worked smarter.

Currently I have 250+ projects that I am working on or have done…

That being the case I need to free up as much time as possible to get these projects finished.

Computer addiction is a big problem nowadays. You see a lot of this phenomena on the photo forums. People ‘writing about life’ instead of actually living life. You will see camera fondlers with tens of thousands in posts on the forums – when you look at some of their work it is shit. Well, I am susceptible to vegging out on the keyboard as well. It takes vigilance and a desire to stay on track. Those qualities are not ones I am very good at being an ADD.

If you find the computer causing you problems check out…

It takes some trial and error to find a good balance. Now I try to write when I have free time and schedule the publication in the future. One thing that has helped me with a time schedule for blog writing is to use a standardized schedule to post articles on specified dates. That way I may have a couple month buildup of posts coming out, so there is no urgent need to write if I am busy elsewhere.

I tried posting haphazard and would post whenever I felt like it. That was the worst for my time management. If you do try scheduling posts ahead for your blog, keep a calendar or log of the titles and what you have finished and what need work. Once you have a good amount of material you have written about you can revisit topics to update them. That helps to cut down on the writing time for at least one post.

I started out 2016 scheduling posts every 6 days or 5 posts a month That worked OK for a time, but I found myself not being able to keep to the schedule when busy with my photo work. In spring I changed the schedule to 4 posts a month or a post every 7 days. If I had free time I could send in the odd post as well.

That schedule was still not perfect for me. By May I had already wrote and scheduled about 85% of the posts for 2016, so for now I will let the 4 per month post schedule stay in place. For 2017 I will try scheduling a post every 10 days or 3 per month and possibly send in an ‘off the cuff’ quickie if something hits me.

That schedule may or may not work for me…only time will tell. One has to just stay flexible and be willing to test the waters. If you experiment, you will find the experiments either make things better or worse. So, if you try different extremes you can see what works best for your own abilities through practical application of real life testing and not just guessing.

As the wise man once said…sometimes we do not know we have gone too far until we do. So no shame in pulling back if your world is getting unhinged over any activity you undertake. The problem comes when we try to force our will over our comfortable capabilities. So listen to the inner peace alarm and cut back until things feel right-ish. Being in touch with what is destroying our inner peace is the best guidance for living life in balance.


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