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The NRA must be shitting their pants with the prospect of Hillary becoming the President.  If you read their monthly magazine it is always based in fear of the next Dem President or the next Dem SCOTUS appointee. They must be feeling pretty dejected at the NRA.

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Here is the vid on the Australian model the NRA says is Hillary’s plan for US gun control….


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‘No matter what the reason, we cannot own a gun for self-defense …were defenseless’ Australian Senator Leyonhjelm

‘I had to hand them (guns) in or I was going to jail. I was sick over it.’ Australian gun owner interviewed in video.

‘We don’t have a chance in hell of ever getting our rights back.’ Australian interviewed in video

The NRA is putting all their hope in Trump. Sadly, politicians can’t be counted on for much. They will say anything to get elected then put forth their real agenda.

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On NPR they had piece just this morning on how Obama could not have been elected if he was truthful on his homosexual agenda. Once he saw the tide turning with American opinion he was able to put his real plan into action.

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Even if the Australian plan is not realized, a person told me the back-up plan is to bankrupt the gun companies with class action suits approved by a new Dem stacked SCOTUS unless they switch to smartgun manufacturing. Smartguns were not invented by gun lovers, they were invented by gun haters as a long-term way to bring in gun control through the back door.

Smartguns are the way around the 2nd for the Dems. Once smartguns become the only available legal choice they will be licensed and be able to shut off remotely just like cell phones.

…well, time will tell how it all turns out.

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