A Thanksgiving Remembrance

In the Shadow of City Hall V25 2015 Daniel D. Teoli Jr. mr

In the Shadow of City Hall

Homeless tent encampment Los Angeles

from The Americans…60 years after Frank artist’s book by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.



Poem by Louis G. Gonot

Hello sir, can you see me?
I know, it’s hard
No one will feed me
I mean you all think what is Christmas Without a tree
But look, I can count my ribs, 1,2,3
How can this be
We all live in this land of plenty
Plenty of what, and for who
But not for me
I am the invisible one you hope to ignore
Who you pray doesn’t knock at your Holy Christmas door
Asking for food, just enough to stay alive
I mean you no harm
I just don’t to die
Can you still see me, or am I already dead
Visions of starvation still filling my head
I ask you kind sir for a morsel or a bite
Of your sweet Christmas ham on this cold snowy night
Just one small meal and I will leave your sight
I pray that you can help me for I can no longer go on
My body it now weakens, and I may not see the dawn
You tell that’s fine and to go my way
For you’ve heard enough to ruin your Christmas day
You have gifts to give and merry to make
And will not offer to fix my mistakes
I never knew I was to blame
For dying in the streets alone and ashamed