Change in posting timeline for 2017

During much of 2016 I had been sending in a minimum of 4 posts a month, scheduled every 7-9 days. In October 2016 I began reducing my posting schedule to a minimum of 3 posts per month or 1 post every 10 days.

Due to a lack of time and being overwhelmed with photo projects I will have to further cut back on my posting timeline. It is very easy to end up in the trap of being a slave to your blog. You can end up writing your life away.


Force Feeding the Sex Slave

Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection

Starting in 2017 I will be sending in a minimum of 2 posts per month. New posts will be scheduled for the 14th and the 28th of the month.

As was the case prior to this change, I may send in quick, off the cuff posts if they fit into my schedule. So, 2  posts a months is a minimum and not maximum.

Weegee Infrared Flash Reenactment Pop Mech April 1956

Weegee reenacting his infrared flash theatre photography technique.