Streaming radio…Megaton Café…a blast from the past!

When I’m printing artist’s books I get kinda bored. I like to listen to radio as I’m printing. Sadly FM radio is pretty much crap nowadays. I tried watching TV, but I make too many mistakes trying to keep 3 inkjet printers running. While I can print a book with 1 printer, it is too time intensive for printing books in bulk.

Eventually I gave up on FM radio and switched to internet streaming radio. I like streaming radio much better, there is a huge diversity available and very little commercials and BS.

Megaton Café is one of my fav streaming radio stations. They cover 1920’s to 1950’s…swing, jazz, big band and oldies. They are ‘nuclear bomb age’ themed…crazy!


The commercials are wild, they are all vintage.  The ‘duck and cover’ commercials bring me back to when I was a kid growing up in L.A. in the 1960’s. Every month they would test the bomb raid siren on the last Friday of the month.


Duck and Cover 1951 Bronx, NY

When we heard the siren we would get under our desks and put our hands and arms around our head as we crouched into a little ball. We never gave it any thought, just something we would do. Thought it was as natural as apple pie. Well it was a different world back then…


We would go in the record store and sample the 45’s on a row of turntables.


Blister gunner M.E. Padilla 1953 – 98th Bombwing, Korea

The US had finished up WWII and was still battling communism in Korea in the 1950’s. My dad used to take me to the Army Surplus store on the weekends.


UFO’s and flying saucers were the pre-sputnik craze. This was shot July 16, 1952 in Salem, MA by S.R. Alpert of the U.S. Coastguard.


Schoolboys 1951 NY.

The world didn’t have 2 billion cell phone cams at large back then. Even so, photography was still a popular pastime for many.

…well enuf reminiscing…back to printing!

De Wallen Graffiti 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.