No wonder the film photogs seldom produce anything good nowadays…

27 De Wallen Artists'  Book Copyright Daniel D. Teoli Jr. mr.

Selection from De Wallen: Amsterdam’s Red Light District artist’s book (Candid)

by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

On the Rangefinder Forum they were discussing ‘how can you afford film anymore?’

I guess it never occurs to them to use digital, if film is causing them problems. I think many of the film photog are closet chemists. They like the process more so than producing iconic photos.

One photo forum camera fondling member said he would ‘give up photography altogether’ if they discontinued film – he would never shoot digital.

Why not put getting the shot first? What the poor film photographers have to go through…just for a good ego massage.

No wonder the film photogs seldom produce anything worthwhile nowadays.


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how can you afford film anymore?

so i left my film rangefinder about 4 years ago, being 100% film shooter prior to that.

it’s crazy that Leica film RF prices stayed the same and I was looking at second hand M6s and MPs out of curiosity… and then I started looking at film developing and scanning prices

Seems like most Walgreens where i used to do quick develop/scan only for about $4.99 no longer even have film machines.

I’ve found a few specific Film developing places but their prices now range from 10$/roll to develop/scan for lowest resolution to 20$/roll develop and scan for resolution for 8×10.

And then I’ve looked at prices of film… my beloved Fuji either does not exist anymore or the prices are about 10$ roll of slide and at minimum $5 per roll for color film.

at these costs it’ll run me about 15$-20$ per roll to shoot film. I looked through my old photo journal and i did about 50 rolls per year, so that’s $1000 per year and probably things are going to keep getting more difficult and pricier.

is film becoming more of a nostalgic side hobby that’s only sustainable on the side, or those that do majority of film now develop and scan their own to keep the costs down? seems like mainstream options are dwindling…