The Wikipedia can be totally wrong…sad thing is they don’t even want the truth.

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I tried to make an edit to correct the wrong information at the Wiki for

(If link does not work Google ‘Dye-transfer process Wikipedia’

The article says:

‘The dyes have excellent light and dark fastness.’

Dye Transfer print fade test after 6 months of sun Daniel D. Teoli Jr. mr.

That is wrong, Eastman Kodak dye transfer prints fade rapidly in the light. Dye transfer prints are some of the worst color imaging media there is for dye stability when it comes to fading from light exposure. I’ve tested dye transfer prints from many decades and the results are the same.

I corrected the wrong information to read:

‘Although the dyes have good dark fastness, they have poor light fastness.’

Here is the link I added showing the proof:

The edit I made to add the right information was changed back to the wrong information immediately after I corrected it.

The Wikipedia can be totally wrong…sad thing is they don’t even want the truth. I wrote to a couple of Wiki links to complain…nothing ever changed.

Eventually I did receive a reply as to their policy. Here is part of what they said:

“The information you have provided may very well be true, and if so then our article should be changed to reflect that truth, but we don’t allow our editors to include original research in our content— we rely on published reliable independent sources like books and newspapers.  If you can find a source that supports the claim you are making, including it should not be a problem— but you can’t use YOU as the source!  Even if what you have and know is truth.”

But, what I don’t understand is where is the published data that the original author wrote that proves dye transfer prints have excellent light fastness?

Well, on another Wiki note…

Wiki Commons deleted a couple hundred of my photos I donated to them. They didn’t want them for ‘educational and editorial uses,’ they demanded they could be used commercially as well. What a waste of time. They still send me emails asking for $$ to donate to them.


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