The key to success on the street is…Be Ready!

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Some of you camera fondlers may look at the photo above and say…yes that is ready!

NO, it is anything but ready. If you have to take your cam out of a bag, take the cap off, power it up and test the exposure…your shot is long gone.

This is how you roll for street work…

How to carry camera for street photography D.D. Teoli Jr. lr

Your cam is in-hand, powered up, lens cap off  and exposure is zoned in. The key to success on the street is to be ready.

A camera fondler once asked me why I would need to do a test exposures as my camera had an auto exposure setting.  Well, on the street everything is not always nice and tidy when it comes to exposure. If you have a very contrasty scene you may have to choose a useable exposure balance to split the difference. Or you will have to decide if you are after shadows or highlights for your exposure.

Order Women Like Pizza  Daniel D. Teoli Jr. v29 mr

Sometimes I shoot into the sun as I did with Order Women Like Pizza shown above. (Candid)

Shooting into the sun with a circular fisheye using auto exposure is not going to cut it. I am constantly taking test exposures to keep up with my lighting conditions.

Order Women Like Pizza Copyright 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

Order Women Like Pizza  Las Vegas 2015

The mere fact he had to ask the ‘why test expsoure’ question gave away his fondler status.  You don’t have the time to adjust a goddamn thing when you’re doing fast shooting on the street. Sometimes the shot is gone in a blink of an eye…Be Ready!

On the prowl...Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

PS…as you’re headed off to your next Eric Kim seminar on how to be a whiz-bang street photographer…make sure you don’t forget your tripod!


De Wallen Graffiti 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.