Using YouTube to showcase your photos

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Paul Senn & Hans Staub


Beside blogs, photo hosting sites, forums, shows, lectures, books and guerrilla (warfare) post cards…YouTube can be a good venue for you to get your art / photos out there.

I didn’t make this music video, Polichinela Azul made it with no direction from me with some of my CC licensed photos.

Crazy music by Suckdog! Well, the video creator did a great job, as my pix fit the music to the proverbial T.

Backup-up link to archived video:

(Video on Internet Archive plays best by download.)

When you put your work out there under Creative Commons, sometimes things work out and other times they don’t. It is just like our own work, we don’t always produce winners. In this case, I was really impressed and pleased by Polichinela Azul’s work.



Little Dicky

Selection from The Americans…60 years after Frank artist’s book

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