I lost my photo and had to retrieve it from my own blog!

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Neal Cassady & Lawrence Ferlinghetti


Being kinda scatterbrained I tend to lose things once in a while.

infrared flash piercing darkness D.D. Teoli Jr.

Men and Women are on Different Wavelengths  (Infrared flash photo – Candid)

Selection from Piercing Darkness artist’s book by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

When I wanted to use this photo for a post at my other blog, I could not find it.


I looked all over and it was nowhere to be found. The only place I did find a medium-res copy was on an old blog post I had done 2 years ago.


Luckily for me I don’t watermark my images and I use relatively high-res images online.  I sadly had to change this policy as Word Press runs too slow with high-res images, my blogs are rapidly running out of allowed space and Word Press tends to only show a low- res image even if you use a high-res image and you have to click on it to see the hi-res image.

Now, I should have this photo archived on the original SD card it was shot on. When I get some time I will have to dig the cards out and look for it. I learned early on when making the transition from film to digital to save my cards and use them like film…good scatterbrain insurance.

I do have plenty of back-ups. But somehow this image was deleted from the master folder. When the master folder was updated to the multiple back-ups it was not on any of the back-ups either.

You can invest in cloud storage.  You can have auto backup on Carbonite. I tried Carbonite for a 15 day free trial. Maybe I have slow internet, but over the 15 days free trial period it only uploaded about 25% of my hard drive. But be careful, if you don’t pay your bill, Carbonite deletes all your files after 30 days in arrears.


De Wallen Graffiti 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.