Introducing my new blog…Nocturnal Emissions.


Infrared flash IR Pointerts Daniel D. Teoli Jr (63)

Busker Times Square –  Infrared flash photo  (Candid)

Selection from Pointers artist’s book by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

My main blog is rapidly running out of room, so I had to separate my work into 3 blogs and will be adding a 4th blog shortly on Theater Stage Actors. (If you think 4 blogs is a lot…when Tumblr was in its heyday I had 46 Tumblrs!)

My main blog of my photography is at:

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Nocturnal Emissions will showcase infrared flash photographs from some of my artist’s books.

Here are just a few of my books dedicated to or containing infrared flash photography:

Piercing Darkness

Practice and Techniques for Infrared Flash Photography

Pitch Black Crapshoot

Piercing New York

Secrets of Candid Photography

Shooting Blind

Vegas Undercover

A Shot in the Dark

Bikers’ Mardi Gras I & II

The Street Portraitists

Hijabs of New York


Infrared Street Photography

IR in Motion: Greeley Square Park

IR in Motion: On Broadway

One Way

Secrets of Night Street Photography

Humans of New York…No BULLSHIT!

America Essentially

Metro IR

On the Street

Night Visions

Mardi Gras IR I & II


The Americans…60 years after Frank

Underground Photography

Women are Beautiful: Beyond Snapshot Aesthetics

Midnight Dogs

Wide Open

Living in a Cardboard Box



De Wallen Graffiti 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.