Backpack Security

Article Dedication 

in Honor of

Gustav Klimt  &  Alexander Calder


Recently a pickpocket tried to steal my camera from my backpack.

The attempt went down like this…

I was in a packed crowd on 5th Ave near 53rd street in Manhattan. A big lady right in front of me bent over and yelled something. While that was going on, someone from the rear bumped into me hard.

Later on down the street someone asked me why my pack was open. I was lucky my camera was wedged into the bottom or they could have got it.

Here are two security tricks you can do to make your pack more secure against pickpockets.

Pull the straps over to the same side of the pack and braid the pulls. This works very well for security against the pickpocket. The drawback is it can be hard to unbraid.

Instead of braiding, use the biner or a airlines combo luggage lock.  You can have easy access, but not so easy to as to allow a pickpocket to get at your pack contents. If you climb, locking biners are also an excellent security option.