SD Card Organization

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Here is the method I use for SD memory card organization. I never erase my cards and have ended up with hundreds. The original memory card is the first level of digital preservation for the digital photog.

Being kinda scatterbrained there have been many times I have had to access the original cards after losing the files that were on the computer. If I didn’t have the card to go back to I would have had nothing.

SD Card Organizer Daniel. D. Teoli Jr.

I back up my files on numerous hard drives and DVD’s both on and off site…but I don’t have to time to back up a dozen on and off site drives every day.

Cards are said to be good for 10 years before needing a charge. I can only attest to having tested 5 years with no charge and they were fine. 10 year test will be completed in a few years.

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Now the only question is that of any archival interaction with the plastic they are stored in and the cards.

Another option, that is actually cheaper than saving SD cards, is to back the cards up to M-Disc or BR-D. Then you can erase the cards for re-use.


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