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Selection from The Americans…60 years after Frank artist’s book by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

On May 25, 2020 the Internet Archive banned me and deleted 80,000 to 110,000 uploads I had contributed over a 5-1/2 year period working as a volunteer for them. Due to the cancel culture we live in, almost all of the websites and content I’ve put online over the last decade has been deleted.
At one time I had the largest online presence of any photographer in the world. It is possible one day I will have a nil online presence due to prejudice. If history is any indicator of the future I’d advise you to download anything you find useful on my WordPress sites as they could be deleted at any time.
My post on this subject: 

Websites by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

Underground Social Documentary Photography…Street Photography…Highest Level Candid Photography – Adult Content

Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection…Preserving Photographic History…Archival Research…Commentary – Adult Content

Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection II…Preserving Photographic History…Archival Research…Commentary Continued- Adult Content

Small Gauge Film Archive…8mm and 16mm film preservation and digitization. – Adult Content

Infrared Flash Street Photography – Adult Content

Vintage Radio…Hi-Fi…Vinyl…Tape…TV-Video…HAM…Vacuum Tubes…Photos & Ephemera – PG & Nudes Content

The Golden Age of Film Photography – I…Still and small gauge movie film ephemera – PG & Nudes Content

The Golden Age of Film Photography – II…Still and small gauge movie film ephemera – PG & Nudes Content

The Beatniks…Selections from my various artist’s books on the Beat Era – Adult Content

The Complete Water Tests…Testing tap water quality from around the USA and tests of well water, bottled water and water filters – Varies PG to Adult Content

Distilling water is a quick acid test you can do to find out what residue is in your water.

Vintage Stereo Photography – Adult Content

Love Nest on Wheels – vintage travel trailers & RVs – Mostly PG with some Adult Content

Klawzines, Ephemera & Offspring…Vintage Irving Klaw bondage, transvestite and BDSM publications, mailers and spawned publications. – Adult Content

Raising Cain…Selections from my artist’s books Harem, Going Native, Raising Cain and others, highlighting women’s beautiful form – Nudes

Propaganda…WWII & related propaganda collection – PG to R Content

Majorette…Vintage majorettes in full regalia. – Mostly PG with some Nude Content

Klaw’s Girls…Highlights models from Klaw’s pinup and fetish photography – Adult Content

The Weegee Archives…everything Weegee. – mostly PG with some Nude Content

Eric Stanton Archive…vintage bondage & femdom art – Adult Content

Rodeo – vintage rodeo 1900s and on  – PG Content

Going Postal – vintage RPPC & Litho Postcards – Varies PG to Adult Content

Trucker Fags in Denial – Original artwork, prelims & ephemera by underground comix artist Jim Blanchard – Adult Content

John Howard Archives…original artwork and ephemera by underground comix artist John Howard – Adult Content

Currier and Ives Darktown Comics…black and white and color stone lithographs from Darktown series – PG Content

Cateyes…vintage eye-wear – mostly PG with some nudes.

Comix Journal…adult comix review – Adult Content

GQ – The Genderqueer Archives…vintage genderqueer ephemera & publications – Adult Content

Vintage Photography from the Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection – varies from G to Adult Content

Theatre and Stage Actors – mostly PG

Mail Order Smut – Adult Content

The Yellow Dog – highlights from an early underground comix series – Adult Content

Vintage Pinups & Glamour – 1920s to 1950s – some Nudes

Jazz Joint – Jazz, Beat & Bop publications & ephemera – PG to Adult Content

Underground Press – Counterculture press from the 1960s & 1970s – Adult Content

Japan Customs and Costumes – PG with some Nudes.

Just Politics – PG to Adult Content

The Black Panther Archives – Adult Content

Ghosts of Christmas Past – G to Adult Content

Photography & Art Show Archive- G to Adult Content

The Leica Files – mostly PG with some nudes.

The Circular Fisheye at Large! – G to Adult Content

Daniel D. Teoli Jr. …on Film – Adult Content

The Bobby-Soxers – G to Adult Content

Websites by Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Under Construction

A Shadow in Time

All About Dick

Beat Era Swimsuits & Sportswear




De Wallen: Amsterdam’s Red Light District

Diving Horses of the Steel Pier

Duck Hunting in Wisconsin

Family Life…1890’s to 1960’s

Gone Girls


Iconoclastic Reporter

If you see something interesting…Archive it!

In Communion with God


Muffs and Purses


Pigskin Chronicles Archive

Queer as Folk

The Beat Generation

The Birth of the Micro Computer

The Dinosaur Hunters

The Flappers

The Great Outdoors

The Great Tit

The Kennedy Files

The McCarthy Era

The Orientalists

Till Death Do Us Part


Vernacular Snapshot Aesthetic

Vintage Wedding Photography

Whoop Whoop

Wide Open

Vintage Ballerina