Tumblr to take down all adult content…my history with Tumblr

3Whoop-Whoop 31 Daniel D. Teoli Jr. mr

Selection from Whopp-Whoop artist’s book by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

Having made +/-  50 Tumblr’s over the years, mostly with adult content, it was a surprise to hear that Tumblr will now ban adult content at the site.


I had originally sent in my reply to this topic to PetaPixel, who ran the Tumblr story at their site. Of course, being what PetaPixel is, they deleted my reply within hours. (I guess I should have been grateful for PetaPixel just deleting my post…they gave me a lifetime ban after the next post.)

So…I will say a little about my history with Tumblr here.

When I first started with internet photography some of my first websites were at Tumblr. I had previously tried Facebook (they banned me in a couple weeks). I tried internet photo hosting sites. ( was banned or content removed) I tried LinkedIn (they banned me after developing thousands of contacts) I tried Wiki Commons (they deleted 1 year’s content almost overnight when one day someone got a hard-on for me and pulled the plug.) I tried Flickr (they banned me after a week.) I tried dozens of internet photo forums (consistently banned from them all.) I tried YouTube (they banned me after 6 uploads.)

So Tumblr was a welcome find that allowed me to post some of my photography projects online without censorship issues. I was going along pretty happily at Tumblr, but in 2013 came the announcement that Yahoo was buying Tumblr. From previous experience with Yahoo’s Flickr banning me, I was worried about what would happen to Tumblr when Yahoo took the reigns.

Yahoo tried to calm any fears by coming out with the promise that they would not screw this up…


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As my old dad used to say “talk is cheap.” After Yahoo bought Tumblr the service changed drastically and it just kept getting worse. You have to understand that every year the new ‘hot to trot’ young guns come out of school and have to inject their ego into projects that will set the world on fire. That is why there is no continuity any longer.

In the old days you put in your 30 years and things changed gradually. You got in line in the pecking order and moved up slowly with lots of mentorship.


It is a young person’s world nowadays. If you are in your thirties you are getting over the hill. Someone that is with the same company for 5 years deserves a gold watch!

Now, some of these young guns do set the world on fire, but 99.99% don’t and just end up making things worse. We can see this delusional mindset even with seasoned biz people. Yahoo admitted that their billion dollar acquisition of Tumblr was a total waste of $$.

…but, at the time Yahoo was sure they would set the world on fire once they took control of Tumblr…weren’t they?


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(Jeeeesus…a billion dollars wasted. And I have to budget for $30 to buy post card stamps to send some hand-printed RPPC’s to curators that promptly throw them em in the trash. Well, that is how things go…we don’t know any better…we just keep pressing the button!)

As things decomposed at Tumblr, I  gradually lost interest in them and moved on. I figured my old Tumblr’s would just keep going in perpetuity as I had left them. (You can see I am really naive, even after my past experiences of losing thousands and thousands of photos online. But I always hope for the best…even though I usually receive the worst.)

As I moved away from Tumblr I created 80+ WordPress sites…we will have to see how long they last.

Below is a partial list of some of the Tumblr’s I created years ago. I’ve lost track of all the sites I made, which numbered +/- 50 Tumblr sites. Years ago Tumblr changed my passwords due to security breaches and I can’t seem to get back on Tumblr to find the rest of the sites I made. I created the list below finding 36 of my Tumblr’s by Googling myself and looking through old emails that had a few links in them. When I searched for Teoli at Tumblr I could only find a couple of my sites.

You would think I would have kept a record of all the website addresses, but I depended on Tumblr for that. When I was logged into Tumblr I could view my websites list and go from there. If you can’t log into Tumblr, you can’t view the website list. I had multiple Tumblrs, with multiple address lists, registered with with multiple emails,with multiple usernames and multiple passwords. Over the years that was all lost.

I was just starting out back then with making the transition from film to digital photography and the internet, so I didn’t know any better. I learned the ropes by trial and error…lots of error with no help from anyone.

Well, one gal did help me with some important advice when I first started…Jennifer Stoots. Jennifer gave me a very informal online portfolio review after I had sent her a link to my ONE Tumblr. She said my stuff was all over the place. (too much mixed up content) Consequently that gave me the direction to make multiple Tumblr’s to help my sites be more dedicated and focused. (or as focused as could be hoped for with an heavy duty ADD at the helm.)

I must also give credit to Les Krims for also giving me some advice when starting out. But the rest of the high powered photogs I wrote to never had the courtesy to reply. (Maybe they were part-time museum photo curators as a side hustle??)

Over the years I’ve learned to be more ‘accountant like’ and keep some half-ass records. Still, I am nowhere as anal as I should be if I wanted to be a proper, stick-up-their-ass photog.

…but a proper stick-up-their-ass photog would never do the work I do, nor write on the subjects I do in a zillion years…would they?