A Fashionable Gal in Manhattan -Selection from ‘Human’s of New York…No Bullshit!’

OK, this is an ancient and well hated part of society…the Boomer. The baby Boom generation is blamed for all that is wrong with the world by the Millennials, Gen Z’s and iGen’s.  Well, hated or not,  she has put some effort in her fashion. Her shoes were something too. (Although they don’t show up too well in the fisheye.)

Candid Photo

a fashionable boomer nyc d.d. teoli jr. lr+

Very hard shooting circular fisheye on the subway. Dim light on the train and very slow lens. (f5.6 or f/8…I don’t know which since it is adapted and loses light with the adapter extension. But it is a native f5.6 at best.)

This has been pushed about 1-1/2 stops. I can never shoot with a good exposure on the subway with a circular fisheye. It would have to be a tripod shot to shoot it like a normal photog would want to shoot it…lens stopped down, decent ISO, etc. This is shot at 2500 ISO which is about the most I will go for for low quality. And even then 2500 is too grainy / noisy for me. But that is just how it is, you have to balance shutter speed, aperture, ISO to get something usable.

I wanted to shoot another gal putting on her makeup….about a foot away from her face. And believe me, I can do it…candid. But I could get nowhere near her. Could not move an inch or even raise my arm above my head. Some days the subway is packed like sushi, really every day it is packed, just depends on the time. Street photography depends a lot of opportunity and luck. (Provided you have the basic skills to produce high quality work.)

Sometimes I am afraid to even take off the lens cap, for fear of someone would rub against the front element of the lens which protrudes outward beyond the lens barrel. The old film era circle fisheyes are too hard to come by to ruin. I already messed up the front element of one of them.

I shot this a couple years ago. Just found it last night as I make my way through 103,000 photos taken from 2013 to 2019 that have never been gone through. So far have gone through about 3,500 since late Dec. But having so many areas to work in outside of street photography I am not hopeful of making much of a dent. Still, we can all have hopes and desires!

You heard of Human’s of New York?

This is from my project Human’s of New York…No Bullshit! as in no bullshit, posed street portraits. It will be 100% highest level, in-your-face candid photography.

Now sure, there is talent involved in talking with people to get them to pose, interviewing them, etc. I don’t have much talent for talking. All my talent is in candid button pushing with my finger and not running my mouth. So I make use of what talent I do have.

In the old days, 1970’s, when staring out as a kid I wanted to be a studio / fashion photog. After a while it sunk in that I have no talent for it. So I got into street work and found my niche.  But no matter how you slice it, when it comes to street work… candid, in-your-face street photography is what separates the men from the boys.


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