A couple of video reviews of my artist’s books.

Both are early maquettes.

‘De Wallen’ is a video review of an early maquette of an artist’s book project I shot in 2014. It is noteworthy as it showcases highest level candid street photography, in terrible lighting conditions, where photography is banned and was produced under very short time limits.

Since this is an early maquette, not all the photos in the final book are shown here, but this is a good representation of +/- 80% of the final book content.

A prostitute with blue lights indicates the sex worker is transgender. If they have a combo of blue and red lights that indicates the transwoman will take on men or women. (Although I didn’t interview any of the ‘blue light specials’ to check for a penis.)

A critic had complained I didn’t have all my facts right in the text of the book. Well, you are not going to be an expert on a subject when all you have is 5 days to talk with a few locals and shoot the book. In any case, text is not my specialty…photography is.

All of the nighttime candid street photos were pushed 2 – 3 stops.


‘Bikers Mardi Gras’ is a video review of a maquette of one of my early artist’s books that I started shooting in 2012. I have hundreds of artist’s books I’ve made over the years. Sadly, I only have a few hundred mb left of my storage limit on Vimeo, so can’t put them up here. (YouTube bans me if I try and put them up.)

Beside video reviews of my books, I have 80+ experimental film’s I’ve made and nearly a thousand reels of small gauge underground film that needs scanning. I hope to put much of the film and video archive on the Internet Archive for viewing.

‘Bikers’ Mardi Gras’ is noteworthy as it showcases some examples of my earliest infrared flash photography. I had been working on IR flash for a number of years, but never getting very far with it. Now, IR flash is not that hard to do, but to produce museum quality candid work in single takes can be tough. Eventually I figured it out good enough to start shooting IR flash regularly and have shot a number of projects since ‘Bikers Mardi Gras’ using IR flash. Weegee and Yoshiyuki were both inspirations for me to get started with IR flash.

The book also has a number of hyper-real HDR images in it. I had learned about hyper-real HDR aka ‘painterly HDR’ from Les Krims and did a lot of experimentation with single image HDR.