Expanding your still photography viewing audience using video


Header photo from Shadows in Time artist’s book
Daniel D. Teoli Jr. / Daniel D.Teoli Jr. Archival Collection


In 2019 I made close to 100 short subject films. 70+ of them were documentaries about Instagram. The rest covered a wide range of subjects. And the group of films I made in 2019 does not cover my 8mm and 16mm Small Gauge Film Archive work. If you are not using video to expand your still photography viewing audience you are missing out on a lot of eyeballs.

It is too bad that museums and galleries do not make more use of videos to preserve their shows and allow a bigger audience. I’ve written to a number of them to suggest they do so, but have yet to get a reply. Years are spent producing some shows and it is all gone in a few months or less…just terrible.

It is very easy to make videos of still images. The museums don’t have to actually shoot video. All they need are still photos of the installation. Beside titles it is just a drag and drop affair of the stills to the video software then hit export. It is as easy as peasy can get!

Here are just a few of the films I made in 2019…

(BTW, ‘The Cotton Pickers’ and ‘Crowded Train’ were 2 of my favorites.)









‘Transmen’ (long version) is part of a larger Instagram study on the gender bending revolution. The components of ‘Genderqueer’ all originated from my 6-1/4 hour film ‘Offshoots…a social documentary study of Instagram’

‘Genderqueer’ has 6 sections:

‘Drag Queens’
‘Transvestites, Crossdressers & Femboys’
‘Transition’ (Male to female)
‘Transmen’ (Female to male
‘Tattooed Lesbians’
‘Disciples of Androgyne’





While watching TV at night I would scout material off of Instagram for my 6-1/4 hour film ‘Offshoots…a social documentary study of Instagram.’

Below are 4 sample prelims I made early on…




The sad thing is, Instagram would ban some of the accounts before I had a chance to get back to them for a final shoot.

Below are some of the individual films of ‘Offshoots…a social documentary study of Instagram.’ In addition, many of these titles, including ‘Genderqueer,’ are available in ‘speed versions’ of 2.5X, 3X 4X, 6X and 10X increase in playback speed. The speed gives the film an ‘artsy’ look and also shortens payback time to fit into various time allotments the AV presentation may have. As an example, 3X reduces ‘Offshoots…’ from 6-1/4 hrs to a little over 2 hrs.

‘Girls of Instagram’ (Prelim study – mostly fat girls showing their stuff. Noteworthy historically as it was first prelim on the road to making the 6-3/4 hour ‘Offshoots…’ film.)
‘Look at #metoo’ (Girls of the #metoo era…not)
‘Stretch Marks’ (Just what title says…not pretty)
‘Acne’ (Just what title says…not pretty)
‘Jew Majesty’ (Crossdresser, LGBTQ)
‘Pregnant Girls of Instagram’ (Prelim study, just what title says…ready to burst.)
‘Fat Ass’ (Prelim study, injections in butt to make a butt bigger.)
‘#Queer’ (Just what title says)
‘Chubblebath’ (Prelim study, fat model of color that favors red hair, fashion)
‘Mandy Blanco Dream Girl’ (Prelim study)
‘Mandy Blanco Dream Girl’ (Finished version – Trend to showcase a small waist and huge butt, fashion, makeup, influencer.)

‘Transition’ (MTF, trans / queer)
‘Transmen’ (FTM, trans / queer)
‘Colored Hair’ (Just what title says…fantastic!)
‘Fingernails’ (Just what title says…fantastic!)
‘Tongue Fetish’ (Just what title says)
‘Split Tongue’ (Body mods…not pretty)
‘Scarification’ (Body mods…not pretty)
‘Drag Queens’ (Just what title says)
‘Diary of Nymph Suicide’ (Alternative model identifies as queer.)
‘Twerking’ (Just what title says)
‘Tattooed Lesbians’ (Just what title says)
‘Justin Day’ (Crossdresser, LGBTQ)
‘Hairy Women’ (Natural and patriarchy busting devotees)
‘Offshoots…a social documentary study of Instagram’ (3X) FAH (Speed Version)
‘Offshoots…a social documentary study of Instagram’ (10X) FAH (Speed Version)
‘Offshoots…a social documentary study of Instagram’ (3X) (Speed Version)
‘Offshoots…a social documentary study of Instagram’ (10X) (Speed Version)
‘Transvestites, Crossdressers & Femboys’ (Just what title says)
‘AFRA’ (Black women’s hairstyles)
‘Growing Horns’ (Horn implants – body mods)
‘Disciples of Androgyne’ (Queer, gender busters)
‘Vanilla Hippo’ (800 pound sex kitten – earns a living by gaining weight and selling videos of her eating nude.)

If you are not familiar with Betty Brosmer. She was the top pin up model of the 50’s.





Any of these films are available as a donation in 480p DVD and 1080p Blu-ray disc to institutions or galleries that wish to use them for AV presentations. Some of the films are also available as 4K video files.

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