The key to candid photography is to keep moving.

In today’s political climate you never know when a challenge to you practicing photography will lead to violence.  Consequently I try to maintain a low profile when doing street work to avoid fights. I’ve found a good practice when doing candid work is to keep moving aka ‘hit and run’ photography. Now I don’t actually run, but I do keep moving after I take the shot.

Some people may catch you photographing them or they may have an inkling that you  have taken a photo. But if you keep moving, I’ve found they seldom follow you. And if they do follow you, that is a signpost for a confrontation and you can have time to prepare.

I go into detail about that in my previous post ‘Self-Defense for the Street Photographer.’

I have been on the street for 51 years and have developed very high level candid photography skills over the years. Nowadays I seldom get caught with candid work. But, sooner or later, no matter how good we are…we ALL get caught.

Now take this stranger girl I shot candid at night. In 2020 if you shoot stranger kids on the street and are male you will be labeled as a sexual predator or child molester. So it is not a good area to hone your street skills in. The mother of the girl may be the lady at the food cart circled in red. My foot is circled in red at the bottom. That gives you an idea how close I work with candid shooting.

If I stood there for a few minutes blasting away at the girl I may have been confronted. But I kept moving and all was fine. Now moving is only part of the equation. Developing candid skills is the other part of the equation. You can develop candid skills by shooting on the street year-in year-out. Even when you are home you can work on your candid skills, comp and timing by shooting your TV screen. To do good candid work you must be at one with your camera.

The Lost Princess D.D.Teoli Jr. circled lr

Lost Princess Copyright 2013 Daniel D. Teoli Jr. mr

The Lost Princess

Selection from The Americans…60 years after Frank artist’s book by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.


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