Using Google alerts to keep track of your online presence

At one time I had the largest online presence of any photographer in the world. After years of censorship a big chunk of that presence has been shut down.

Still I have a huge amount of material online to keep track of…hundreds of thousands of items.

I’ve been using Google alerts for some years. It is a free tool to see online activity related to your name / projects / interests. Here are a couple of recent samples from my name alerts.

When it comes to project / interests alerts you can gets lots of junk alerts. My name alerts are more on target. And it is hit or miss with Google alerts as they only seem to show me a very small fraction of the material they should be alerting me on. You can get better alert services. You just have to pay.

Be careful, I’ve run into ransomware clickbait from Google image searches of my material. And I’ve found some suspicious websites use my alerts as clickbait.

It is an old trick. A ransomware website uses a photographer’s photos without permission and the photographer uses Google images to see if any of their images are being used without payment. They click on the website showing use of their image and boom…ransomware.

On a related topic… the importance of naming your digital files.



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