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The Ladybirds were a five girl nightclub band that formed in San Francisco in the mid-1960’s and were infamous for performing topless.

The band were comprised of Gail M. Roster of San Jose, California a.k.a. Robin Sherwood (vocals, guitar), Barbara K. Hunt of Orlando, Florida a.k.a. Barbara “Bobbi” Branch (guitar), Marge E. Laux of Dallas, Texas a.k.a. Marcelle Mitchell (guitar), Sharon A. Cole a.k.a. Lisa Lynn (bass), Deborah Briar a.k.a. Deborah Dayan (organ) and Lucy E. Aguilar of San Salvador, El Salvador a.k.a. Rosita Quintana (drums) who were all topless waitresses earning $13 a night in North Beach prior to forming the Ladybirds in early 1966. There were actually six girls, but photographs only ever show five girls together at one time. Some photos include Marcelle and others include Deborah, but these two never appear together in the same photo.

A great website with much archival material on topless bands worldwide:

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