The poor film photogs will go to any lengths NOT to get the picture.

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The sky is falling (E6 color slide processing crisis)

I’ve been bringing my E6, 135 and 120, to either of two local stores that are within reasonable driving distance. So yesterday I took a roll of 120 to the closer of the two, and a sign on the door said they were closed for good, and suggested going to their main store in west county. That’s a pretty far piece, so I decided to phone the other of my two usual places. Nope, they are no longer processing E6. They recommended Dwayne’s (sp?) in Kansas.

So I grabbed my roll of 120, and headed out on the half-hour drive to the west county store. I dropped off the roll, paid in advance, and was advised it would be ready in a week. Later on, they phoned me. Bad news: something broke in their processor, and they will have to send it someplace–I think he said New Jersey–and the processor will be down for at least three weeks, maybe more. Would I like to drive back out and get my roll of film, or would I rather wait it out?

This is St. Louis County, population over 1 million, and you can’t get a roll of E6 developed.

Now I have to figure out how to send a roll to Dwayne’s. Or–doesn’t Precision Camera do E6 also? Maybe I should send it there? Used to be, you could buy mailers and send it to Kodak. The times, they are a-changin’.

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The poor film photogs will go to any length NOT to get the picture. Ego is a big problem with them. One film fanatic once said he would rather give up photography than leave film for digital. Other film groupies seem to like the chemistry more so than producing iconic pictures.

Really sad…

Here is another sob story…

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Blank rolls of film –why?

My last three self-dev rolls came out blank — completely blank — no film markings, nothing at all.

I’ve been using the same equipment all along (I bought it many years ago) — Patterson 2 roll tank, changing bag.

The first time it happened, I thought I had switched chemicals or something like that. I changed my working fixer solution, to be safe. I never re-use developer, so that was not an issue.

The second time, I paid attention and was mindful. So it was not a mistake. I was suspicious of the fixer, so I junked the working solution and also the bottle (Ilford). I went and bought a new bottle.

Now a third time! I tested the new fixer and it cleared the film as expected.

It is not a camera issue, as I’ve run color C41 through it, and the lab developed it just fine.

I’m at a loss to think of what else could go wrong? I’m thinking of junking my entire processing equipment and starting with fresh stuff. I’m not a newbie, I’ve developed several hundred rolls over the last many years, so this is soul crushingly humbling.

Details –
Film — Arista Premium 400 (old, but kept in a freezer)
Developer — Rodinal or Microphen.
Fixer — Ilford

Personally, I can’t afford to miss the shot…

Selection from The Americans…60 years after Frank artist’s book by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

Now, I’m not a young kid with a cell phone cam and latest hipster app. I had shot film since the late 1960’s for almost 5 decades.

I have experience in all facets of film processing and wet printing from nitrogen burst processing to dye transfer printing and up and down the proverbial boardwalk with all things black and white – so am no newbie to film.

Nowadays one cannot screw around as the competition is so fierce. My goal has to be to bring home the iconic shot and not pretend this is chemistry class. As such, I use whatever imaging media is the easiest, fastest, most reliable and produces the best results within my budget…for me that is digital.