Papers, Ink and Printers…they Matter!

Article Dedication

in Honor of

Paul Klee & Wassily Kandinsky


Papers, ink and printers…they are the components that make the great inkjet print. Or you can have the wrong mix and get a crapper.

The first and second prints below shows how matte and semi-gloss paper can differ when printed on the same printer. (Epson R2000)

The second and third photo shows how 2 different printers can vary when using the same paper (Epson R2000 vs Epson 3880 with the same semi-gloss paper.)

Click image to view full resolution and color gradation.

Left: Printed with Epson R2000 on matte paper with matte black ink.

Middle: Printed with Epson R2000 on semi-gloss paper with gloss black ink and gloss optimizer.

Right: Printed with Epson 3880 with the same semi-gloss paper as the middle sample using gloss black ink. The Epson 3880 printer uses 3 separate ink cartridges of gradients of black ink. Whereas the Epson R2000 uses one black ink. (Gloss or Matte)

Photograph above: The Lost Princess (Candid)

Taken by Daniel D. Teoli Jr. and is part of the project and artist’s book:

The Americans…60 years after Frank.