An example of push processing a digital image.

The top image was push processed 2 to 5 stops. The girl was pushed 2 to 2.5 stops. The guys face and surrounding area is pushed  4.5 to 5 stops. Bottom image was not pushed processed. Taken with a Fuji X-E1 ISO 3200

De Wallen Selection Copyright 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr. DSCF Sample No PP mr

Normally I would consider an image pushed this much to be trash. I was shooting the project in a place where photography is banned. I only had 5 days to shoot enough pix to make the book. I also lost half a day due to rain. So, my quality standards had to be relaxed a little if I wanted to complete this project.

Photograph from De Wallen: Amsterdam’s Red Light District artists’ book by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

De Wallen Graffiti copyright 2014 Daniel D. Teoli Jr.