Generic photography is pretty much worthless nowadays.

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I periodically read questions on the photo forums asking the viability of selling fine art prints at art fairs or online as a way to make money. Unless the photog is a big name, there is not much demand for it.

With an estimated 2 billion cell phone cams snapping pix and $29 inkjet printers at Walmart that produce dye transfer quality prints…there is no shortage of photos in the world. Even nice film photos and wet prints don’t bring much.

Here is a recent example from eBay that didn’t have any bidders.

I sometimes see silver gelatin or inkjet prints listed for $5 on eBay and not selling. Sure, if you have a special shot you may get $35 or $75 or more for it. But generally speaking, generic photography is pretty much worthless nowadays.

Be this as it may, if you have a desire to sell your work, the final arbiter is the market and not me. Give it a try and see how things work out for you. Never listen to the dream busters – always be willing to test the waters. Do it for love…then you will never be disappointed.

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